Arcade mods have become rather huge the last few years, especially in pinball with 3d printers becoming a big thing. I’ve rounded up a list of the coolest Super Chexx mods I could find below to give you some ideas for your games.

Chexx Cup Holder

This is a mod I made personally for my game. I wanted to make a good cup holder for my Chexx game that would look cool and be reversible if needed. So I designed this cup holder and printed it out on my 3d printer.

It works really well for bottles and cans, but wouldn’t really work for those huge big gulps with the wide bases. I have a video of it here:

If you’re interested in buying a pair of Super Chexx bubble hockey cup holders from me, email me at I offer the normal ones in black, blue, red, white, etc, and you can see the custom multicolor USA/Canada/USSR ones above.

Chexx Riser Platform

Constant back aches while you play due to the game being too low? I’m 6’4″ and for me it’s a big issue. So I’ve came up with a solution, a riser platform. I’ve got a picture of it below what I got done:

Super Chexx Riser Platform
Super Chexx Riser Platform

If you’re interested in possibly purchasing one of these once I’ve got mine done, let me know. Shipping might be a little expensive, but the one I built seems to work really well so far. Probably can even customize the color (red, white, or black) if desired. I painted my black to match the rest of the game. Email me at if you’re interested and maybe I’ll make a couple extra for people. Here’s a video of it below:

Chexx Goal Mods

Goal and player mods are by far the most popular things to mod. One of the best goal mods was posted a few years on instructables. Basically, he used some nails, red paint, and some netting to make authentic miniature goals. They’re probably the best Chexx goals you can make at this point in time. The link is below:

Chexx real goal mod

Pretty awesome overall.

This next guy made a goal light and better lighting under the scoreboard. Unfortunately, it’s a little over the top for most people as it requires a substantial amount of wiring and soldering.

Chexx goal light and rink lighting addition

Wish it wasn’t so complicated. I personally just updated my original Chexx lighting with this:

Chexx lighting mods

If you own an original chexx, it’s pretty easy to upgrade your lighting with an LED bulb. I did this here:

Chexx LED lighting upgrade

It’s the easiest thing you can do to get more lighting in your game. The original bulbs also have problems with causing too much heating in the electronics above, causing them to eventually fail and the plastic to warp.

There’s actually an ebay seller now that sells an LED board for the Super CHEXX games, it’s here:

Boston Pinball on Ebay, Super Chexx lighting mod

It’s a pretty nice LED board. I haven’t personally tried it though, so I can’t vouch for the improvement.

Chexx player mods

Besides lighting and goal mods, the player mods are the most popular items. Most people pick up NHL players directly from ICE themselves. The only disadvantage to that is that the players don’t actually have names and numbers, which most people kind of want. I actually made a page on how I added names and numbers to chexx players here:

Adding Names and Numbers to Chexx players

In addition to this, there are a couple people who custom paint players for money. These custom painted players are far beyond what ICE offers, but they’re also way more money, so you kind of get what you pay for here. Typically custom players are slower than the ICE players as they require. I haven’t used this place below so I can’t comment on how good they are personally, but the results pictures are great.

Custom Chexx and other game players at Party Pucks

They’re probably the best option right now if you want something a little more higher end.

Chexx Mods

There’s also a Chexx mods place online that’s selling a custom scoreboard, boards, etc. Based upon the feedback I’ve seen online, I think they must be pretty good quality and the comments about customer service have been great. You can find them at:

I believe I’ve seen two people with the scoreboard and one person with the boards so far. They look pretty good on the website. If you don’t have enough money for a new machine, some of their upgrades look really nice. The video below shows a lot of their upgrades.


  1. I’m looking to purchase a goal horn and light for my old school super chexx I’m making a saddle dome battle of Alberta.Does anybody make these or know how I could get one thanks from British Columbia


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