Are you looking for a game that just screams luxury and class for your game room? ICE has put out the game for you, the new Super Chexx Premium edition. Instead of the plastic base which they’ve had for the past 40 years, the base is now constructed out of wood. It’s a sight to behold, clearly the best bubble hockey table.

The New Wood Base

Obviously the big difference between the normal Super Chexx Pro and the Super Chexx Premium is the wood base featuring hockey sticks. The bases come in 6 different colors shown below:

Options for Super Chexx Premium Base Colors

White Wash, Espresso, Golden Maple, Clear Maple, Cherry Wine, and Ebony are the current color options. I personally think that the dark colors are the best looking of the 6, the lighter colors don’t give off the same ‘luxury’ appearance.

On top of the base, the outside of the rink is also covered in the same wood. That wood matches the base perfectly. The video below shows the base pretty well:

Super Chexx Premium Bubble Hockey

Moving the Game

I’m sure one of the thoughts you might have is, how do I move this thing if the base is all wood and there’s no give for getting it out of doorways? Luckily ICE thought about all of this, and the game splits into 3 parts, the base platform, the hockey stick legs, and then the base game with the bubble on top.

This allows the game to fit through any doorway 28.5″ or wider. The game weighs 250 pounds as well, which is a 60 pounds than the standard version.

Is Super Chexx Premium worth the extra money?

This is a tough question, and only you can make the decision how much aesthetics are worth to you. Frankly, if you have the money and want to own this long term, putting in the extra money towards this probably wouldn’t be a bad investment as these games hold their value over time and you’d probably eventually get your money back out of it.

Playing it, there’s no difference from the regular base versions, so there is no additional fun to be gained from the upgrade, only visual appeal. But it’s not that much different from pinball machines, where people spend $3k to $4k more just for different artwork. In this case though, at least you can see where all the extra money is going, wood is expensive and crafting this can’t be easy.

You can order Super Chexx Premium via the link below:

Super Chexx Premium

Good luck with whatever you choose. Super Chexx is a great game to have at home.


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