After some teasers were leaked about a month ago, everyone has been waiting in anticipation for the new Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey machine to be released.  Everyone was wondering:

How much more will it be?

Will there be an upgrade path for older games?

What are all the upgrades over the previous models?

Pricing Changes

I’ll try and answer those questions now.  It appears like there’s a $200 increase over the previous base model, from $2499 to $2699.  That price is excellent considering the new technology added, a lot of value was added for not much of an increase.  The popular NHL version is now $3199, which is great for NHL fans (I have the retrofit NHL players on mine).  The extra money on the NHL version gets you:

  • custom goal horns for each team you select (so if you select the Chicago Blackhawks as one of your teams, you’ll get their official goal horn when you score).
  • NHL logos on the LCD screen
  • 2 custom painted NHL teams of your choice.  When I was redoing my original Chexx for example, I selected the Chicago Blackhawks and Colorado Avalanche as my teams.
  • Optional team logo at center ice


According to people in the know, there isn’t an upgrade path for older models unfortunately.  The only way to get the new LCD screen is to get a new machine.

As far as the upgrades go, the new model now features:

  • new 5″ lcd screen
  • brand new commentary and sounds
  • new controls for deluxe home version
  • red/green/blue led spotlights
  • video clips shown on the screen
  • lights inside the goals
  • custom goal horns in the NHL version

A pretty substantial upgrade over the older model.  If you liked the game play before you’ll be happy, it is completely unchanged.  All the mechanical parts are still the same so if you’re familiar with working on them the new one won’t be any different.

Super Chexx Pro Ordering

I’m saving my money right now to upgrade my original Chexx.  Every time kids come over they ignore my foosball table and pinball machines and play game after game of bubble hockey.  They did finally release videos (shown below).  If you want pictures or to buy one because they’re so sweet, they’re available at their main website through my affiliate link here:

Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey from ICE

Shipping is free on the games as well, which is pretty awesome consider how big the packages are.  The other good thing is the high resale value on Super Chexx tables, unlike other game room equipment they hold their value really well.  My original Chexx is worth $1000 to $1500 still, probably more than it cost originally 35 years ago.

Here are some more videos of it in action:

This video demonstrates the new goal horns and better sound quality.

This video shows off the LCD and new intro.


And here’s a video of them setting up a new one out of the box:

I’m pretty excited to see exactly what is all going to be shown on the scoreboard besides what the videos have shown so far.  I’m glad they finally upgraded the electronics.  I know that several people were investigating to see if they could redo the original electronics with a raspberry pi and an LCD screen.  However, I don’t think any of them progressed very far.  I know a lot of people are impressed with what the Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey game sounds like so far, it’s a huge upgrade in quality.

For more information on Chexx games and other bubble hockey machines, check out my bubble hockey guide here:

Bubble Hockey Buying Guide


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