If you buy a chexx bubble hockey, at some point it’s going to get dirty from all the playing or collect some dust on top of the bubble.  Nothing plays better than a clean bubble hockey!  In order to fix this, you’re going to need some cleaning supplies like these:

Novus 2 and Pledge, used to clean Chexx and other bubble hockey machines
Novus 2 and Pledge, used to clean Chexx and other bubble hockey machines

Novus 2 is used to clean the clear bubble over the table.  It’s great at taking out fine scratches and other marks, but won’t help with really deep scratches.  It’s also good at cleaning a lot of other arcade things like pinball machines, but that’s another story.  For really deep scratches you’ll either have to replace the bubble (which can be very expensive at $400) or use a process called flame polishing which can sometimes work but is risky.  I’ve flame polished some pinball ramps before and you have to be very careful not to melt things too much.  You can buy Novus 2 through our Amazon affiliate link here:

NOVUS 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover – 8 oz.

For the playfield, the best thing to use is Pledge.  It cleans the surface plus makes it slick for the puck to slide on, making the gameplay a lot faster.  I typically only screw in one of the bubble screws instead the 15 or so you normally use because that way I have easy access for cleaning and other things.  There’s no reason at home to have that many bolts put into it.  You can get pledge about anywhere, but if you want to order it online, you can get it through our Amazon affiliate link here:

Pledge Lemon Clean Furniture Spray – 9.7 oz(pack of 1)
Hopefully this helps the first time your game gets dirty!  You’ll have a nice clean bubble hockey the next time your friends come over to play.

There’s a lot more bubble hockey/chexx information in my Bubble Hockey buying guide which has mods, buying advice, adding names and numbers, etc.


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