If you’ve owned a Chexx Bubble Hockey for any length of time, eventually what happens is one of the gear boxes gets stripped.  It doesn’t happen very often luckily, but when it does it helps to know how to fix it without calling an expensive repairman.  All you really need to do this repair is a small hex tool to remove the collar that hooks the rod to the gearbox.

I made a video below to show how to replace the gearbox.  I had to do it one handed so it’s not the greatest, but hopefully it will show you how it’s done.  I actually ran into problems the first time I did it because I pushed the rod in too far into the collar, which didn’t all the collar to clamp down on the gearbox properly.  Once I backed it off a little, it all worked fine.  I must also say, I didn’t realize how bad some of my gearboxes had gotten, the new one is much smoother than the old one.

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