If you’re like me, one of the few things missing from the Super Chexx game is a built in cup holder. You can kind of balance a drink in the corner but one big move on the machine and your drink falls right off. I was getting tired of having to set my drink on far away counters or stools, so I decided to take matters into my own hands to make the best bubble hockey table.

My Own Bubble Hockey Cup Holder

In order to make one, I tried thinking up a bunch of designs. I had thought about an overhanging one but I didn’t want to scratch up the paint on the side. I then had the idea to use the bubble bolts and washer to secure a cup holder to the unit. The video is below:

I added the words Hockey Time to the sides to kind of give it a cool custom effect. I pretty much could write anything I wanted, but decided to go somewhat generic.

Unfortunately, they only work in the two corners opposite the hinge because the hinge side only has one bolt. I’ve been thinking about one to go in that corner but haven’t worked out my design yet on it. Doesn’t really matter though as just having the 2 looks (and works) really good.

chexx cup holder
chexx cup holder

I’m making them in black, red, and blue currently to match all the different color bases. I made a video below to show the different color combinations. They work on every thing from the original Chexx games to the new Super Chexx pro since they all use the same hole patterns. I made them so they would work well for cans and bottles. If you’re trying to put a 52 oz big gulp in there though, may not work so well. 🙂

bubble hockey cup holder
bubble hockey cup holder

If you’re interested in a pair, email me at gameroominfo@gmail.com. Most of the time I have some already printed so I can get them shipped right out.


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