The Foo Fighters pinball machine kind of came out nowhere and surprised a lot of people by how good it was. Before the launch, it was rumored to be a theme, and at the time nobody was really that excited about it. After it launched though, the excitement level went through the roof due to the design by Jack Danger and the way the theme was implemented. Which leads to the next decision, should you buy a pro or premium version?

Foo Fighters Premium Pinball Machine Advantages

Probably the thing that gets the most attention is the new ball saver, the Overdrive post, also nicknamed the Deadpost. While not fancy, it’s something that’s never been seen in a pinball machine before. The video below shows it:

Basically, it saves the ball by bouncing it up to the right flipper.

The next feature the premium has is the Area 51 upper playfield. Like most upper playfields, it’s not super game changing, but still a nice addition. Luckily it doesn’t get overused because the shot to get it up there is fairly difficult. You also get an extra flipper with the playfield which is nice.

The last major difference is you get a custom sculpted Overload plastic toy. You can get some good visuals of it from this video:

Obviously doesn’t normally have the legs but you get the picture. You can see the upper playfield pretty well too.

There’s also the Foo Fighters van and an Overlord magnet with the premium. Neither are major features but still nice to have.

Foo Fighter Pro Pinball Advantages

Obviously the biggest advantage is price. At $2500 cheaper, it’s a significant savings. The game also plays faster without the upper playfield. It’s a good way to play the game without having to break the bank. Some games it’s obvious to go with the premium (like AC/DC) but others like Foo Fighters, there’s not a huge disadvantage going with the pro. I think with Godzilla there was a more pronounced difference between the games.

Should I buy Foo Fighters Pro or Premium?

I think with Godzilla pro vs premium, I recommended to go with the premium if you have the extra money or are limited on space. I think with Foo Fighters I would lean more towards the pro just because I don’t think the extra money buys you as much fun as it did in Godzilla.

There is a secondary option though that wasn’t available with Godzilla, the used market. The market was so constrained during Godzilla production that used machines were going for more than new in most cases. However right now you can pick up used Foo Fighter premium machines for $500 to $1000 off list off the used market. That might be the best way to go if you have one locally, that way the price premium isn’t so high. Also, just know if you buy a new premium, you’re probably going to lose $500 to $1k right off the bat once you open the box, whereas Godzilla you could just play without taking a hit automatically. The pro will also take a hit but not as big, plus there aren’t as many used pros for sale at the moment.


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