Tornado Foosball Table Parts

One of the things that happens is that if you own a Tornado Foosball long enough, you’re going to need some official Tornado Foosball Table Parts for it.  Being an owner myself, I’ve had to order some of these items myself including men, silicon, the punch tool.  I separated everything into different categories to make it easy to find the item you need.  I listed them all from the same place to make it easy to combine orders.

Tornado Foosball Table Parts

Below is the listing of all the parts, starting with balls.  I’d recommend getting some new ones of those at a minimum if they’re 5 years or older.  They’re cheap and an easy upgrade from the old dirty ones that are probably in your game now.

Foosball Balls

There’s nothing better for play than official Tornado balls, but sometimes having a mix spices things up some.  I current have two red ones and a soccer ball in mine, the soccer ball is a little harder than the red ones and plays a little faster as a result.  You may or may not like that effect, but for sure kids will.  Here are the best ball options.

Red and Yellow Ball 4 pack

Colorful Soccer Foosball Balls

Official Tornado Pink Foosball 6-pack

Tornado Foosball Rods

Occasionally you’ll have a friend over who gets a little too aggressive when playing and bends one of your rods. It doesn’t happen very often but when a really strong guy really leans into it, the rod may give on some of the lower models. I’ve listed a complete rod set along with some individual rods below.

Complete Rod Set

5 man rod

3 man rod

2 man rod

3 man goalie rod

Tornado Foosball Tools

There aren’t too many tools you need for a Foosball table, but there are two very important ones, the roll pin punch one used to install new men and the wrench used to remove and install bearings.

Roll Pin Punch Tool

Bearing Wrench

Tornado Foosball Handles

Depending on what game you have, you’ll either have cheap plastic, wooden, or enhanced grip handles. You can also upgrade your table to new handles, I’ve been thinking about upgrading mine to the yellow and black ones that are found on some of the upper models.

Higher End Handles used on T-3000

Wooden Handles

You’ll also need pins like the men in order to install the new handles.

Rubber Bumpers

The rubber bumpers aren’t replaced very often, but age can cause the rubber to degrade over time. Luckily they’re not very expensive but can be hard to replace since you have to remove the rod to install them.


These usually last quite a while, but if your table is older there’s a chance you may due to for a bearing replacement.  The split bearing is the higher end bearing that Tornado makes, some of their lower tables use a cheaper bearing.  The bearings were also made thinner at some point, so be aware of that fact when installing or replacing them.

Tornado Split Bearing

Tornado Bearing Nuts

Foosball Men

The Tornado men are pretty sturdy for the most part, rarely breaking. However, there are three different reasons you might want to replace one or all of your men. The first is if your man has a crack or is damaged in some way, then you might want to replace them. The second is if you have a cheaper table and your men aren’t counter balanced, then replacing all 26 could be a significant upgrade. The third is if your men are very old. At some point Tornado redesigned the feet of their men to be slightly better, it might be worth an upgrade if you have 20 year old men. I listed out the kits to service all three options below.

4 Man replacement kit

Complete 26 man replacement kit

Leg Levelers

Leg Levelers are one piece that you never should need to replace unless you happen to misplace them while moving or keep them in a wet area where they rust. I’ve included them in this parts list just in case.


One of the things most owners forget is to lubricate their rods. If you don’t do this step, the game will still play but will gradually become less and less smooth to play. The change happens so slowly that most people don’t even notice it, it’s only advanced players who would notice it right away. I’ve linked the stuff I use below.

Additional Table Information

If you want more information on Tornado Foosball Table parts, check out my Tornado Foosball Table Guide below:

Tornado Foosball Table Guide

Most home owners will probably only have to replace the balls, buy some silicone, and occasionally replace a handle or man during ownership.  The other parts are more there for extreme cases where you’re buying a used table that was neglected.  In those cases, a lot of times the table was stored in a non-climate controlled environment and developed rust on the rods and ruined the bearings and rubber.

During my ownership, I’ve had to replace one guy, a couple balls, and buy some silicone, no huge expenditures.  Hopefully you’ll be that lucky as well.