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Increasing Volume on Samsung 8500s or 9000s Rear Speakers


Steps to Increase Volume

  • Press the settings button (gear icon on remote)
  • Press the settings button until ‘Rear level’ shows on the soundbar
  • Press up on the circle to increase the volume, press the scroll down to decrease the volume
  • Most people will want to increase to +6 as the volume is normally soft

You can also watch my video here:

This should make it clearer on what to do. Hope this helps people out as this was confusing to me as well initially.

Big Buck Hunter Pinball Review

Big Buck Hunter Pinball review
Big Buck Hunter Pinball review


  • It has one ramp on the left side that takes the ball to the right flipper. It can only be hit from the right flipper if cradled up.
  • It has 2 orbits that are decently hard to hit. The left orbit will take the ball to the right side. The right orbit will take the ball to the left side.
  • Center stand up target in the middle for multiballs ( It sends the ball straight down the middle quite frequently).
  • A ram to the left of the center target that fires the ball at you.
  • 3 targets on the left wall.
  • 2 flippers
  • Buck that runs across the playfield
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • B-U-C-K targets scattered across the playfield

The playfield is pretty similar to iron man

I would rate the layout a 8/10

Game rules

Overall the rules of this game pretty good, but very unbalanced.

Big Buck Hunter Pinball Deer Target
Big Buck Hunter Pinball Deer Target

EX: You can light the Buck insert on the play field with only 3 shots. But in order to get the bird insert to light up you must hit the tricky center target about 30 times (4 different bird multiballs). The pop bumper modes are set up pretty well where you have to hit a certain amount of pop bumpers to light a mode on the right orbit. There are 5 modes total and I think they are worth playing. The problem is there isn’t a direct way to feed the bumpers so at the end of the game if pop bumper modes are the only thing you need, it can really annoying trying to feed them.

Big Buck Hunter Pinball Upper Playfield
Big Buck Hunter Pinball Upper Playfield

I’d say the other main problem in the rules is the buck multiball. In order to start it you must hit the buck in 5 different places, but in order for the buck to come out you must hit him out from where he is hiding, or wait like 5 to 6 seconds which can be extremely boring. Playing the multiball is very difficult to beat( You must beat it to get to the wizard mode). The first half is pretty hard, but then you have to hit the deer 20 TIMES! This is probably the biggest problem in the game. Hitting him 20 times is very fun but EXTREMELY hard and there is no payoff for doing it besides lighting up monster buck. Also if you don’t complete it that time the progress you made in your multiball does not save so if completing that multiball is the last thing you need you have to start all the way over the next time you get there.


I’ve had this game for only a week and I think it is a great challenging and fun game. It’s really nice to have a game that has short games that last like 5-10 minutes on average. I haven’t beat this game yet which is good because I like games that are very challenging. This game also can make you very angry and make you keep playing until you’re satisfied with your performance. I’d say this game has some of the most fun, challenging, and most annoying multiballs in all of pinball, which is a good thing.

Big Buck Hunter Lower Playfield
Big Buck Hunter Lower Playfield

Would I recommend buying this game

The answer is definitely. This game has a very good price. A theme that I don’t mind at all and I have never been hunting in my life. This game might last you as long as some games like LOTR or STTNG, but I think this game would last me 1-2 years depending on how soon I get to the wizard mode. Overall this game is a great mix of fun and challenge and my family and I have already played like 200 games on it in a week and keeps us coming back for more.

Written by: Jake Taylor

Super Chexx Cup Holder

super chexx pro cup holder
super chexx pro cup holder

If you’re like me, one of the few things missing from the Super Chexx game is a built in cup holder. You can kind of balance a drink in the corner but one big move on the machine and your drink falls right off. I was getting tired of having to set my drink on far away counters or stools, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My Own Bubble Hockey Cup Holder

In order to make one, I tried thinking up a bunch of designs. I had thought about an overhanging one but I didn’t want to scratch up the paint on the side. I then had the idea to use the bubble bolts and washer to secure a cup holder to the unit. The video is below:

I added the words Hockey Time to the sides to kind of give it a cool custom effect. I pretty much could write anything I wanted, but decided to go somewhat generic.

Unfortunately, they only work in the two corners opposite the hinge because the hinge side only has one bolt. I’ve been thinking about one to go in that corner but haven’t worked out my design yet on it. Doesn’t really matter though as just having the 2 looks (and works) really good.

chexx cup holder
chexx cup holder

I’m making them in black, red, and blue currently to match all the different color bases. I made a video below to show the different color combinations. They work on every thing from the original Chexx games to the new Super Chexx pro since they all use the same hole patterns. I made them so they would work well for cans and bottles. If you’re trying to put a 52 oz big gulp in there though, may not work so well. 🙂

bubble hockey cup holder
bubble hockey cup holder

If you’re interested in a pair, email me at gameroominfo@gmail.com. Most of the time I have some already printed so I can get them shipped right out.

5 Best Modern Gottlieb Pinball Machines


Gottlieb was the dominant pinball manufacturer for a long time, from the 50’s through the late 70’s. When it came to the older EM games, nobody made better games than Gottlieb. When things changed over to digital, Gottlieb sadly fell way behind very quickly. It was a combination of Bally making really good licensed games with Gottlieb having boardset issues that caused them to slowly fall behind.

They did make some gems though, and I’m going to run through their best games from 1978 to present.

#1) Stargate

This 1995 classic was in my opinion the best game they made in the DMD era. Featuring 2 wizard modes and a mini wizard mode, it has a ton of depth and multiballs (8) to keep you busy. It has some pretty cool modes as well that offer a lot of strategy.

Probably the biggest drawback is that depending on your skill level, it can become pretty easy after a while. The flippers on DMD era Gottliebs allow you to cradle the ball really easy, making the pyramid shot easier than it should be.

It’s the only Gottlieb game in the Pinside top 100 list.

#2) Joker Poker

One of the best classic card game pinball machines, you try and form hands by shoot different banks of drop targets. It’s very intuitive and easy to play, and has a really good ‘one more game’ pull to it.

It’s a game that you can put anyone in front of and explain the rules in like 15 seconds, which is a great game for new players.

#3) Black Hole

Black Hole was a very innovative game when it came out. The first game with a lower playfield under the normal one, it was a cool concept that is still fun today. Frankly, it’s hard to think of a lower playfield that’s actually better than Black Hole’s.

It’s also a pretty hard game, if you can’t do well on the lower playfield, it will shoot it right down the outlane. The upside down nature of the lower playfield makes it tough as well.

#4) Big Hurt

This game gets no respect because it’s sports related, but I really feel it’s one of the best games they made. Basically, you play 9 innings of a game trying to score runs and make it to the wizard mode, The World Series. There’s a moving glove that goes back and forth, trying to rob you of home runs. Sometimes you’re even trying to hit the glove in some modes. It’s just overall a very solid game, one of the best sports pinballs you can buy.

#5) Genie

Genie is a BIG game. The playfield feels like you’re playing several different games, as it’s kind of sectioned off, especially the top left portion. It’s also a pretty hard game in my opinion, my games never seem to last very long on it. The art and the variety of things to do make it one of the best Gottlieb games in my opinion.

Wrap up

Are there any other modern Gottlieb games you think should be on this list? Like Bone Busters, Lights, Camera, Action, Super Mario Bros, etc? There are a lot of games in Gottlieb’s catalog that have a cult following, like Cactus Jack’s. Unfortunately, most of their games are rarely seen on route or even in people’s collections, making it difficult to even play them.

Best Pinball Podcasts


10 years ago, there was only one choice, Topcast by Clay in Michigan. It was a series of interviews with all the biggest names in pinball, and in fact they’re still some of the best episodes ever made. If you haven’t listened to those, I’d go through and listen to all of those before anything else. The information you’ll learn after going through them will give you way more understanding of what goes into a game. Plus also give you insight into some of the crazy personalities in the hobby as well. The Python one might be the most famous pinball podcast episode ever.

#1 Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast

Without question, this is the best pinball podcast out there today. He’s won the first two years of the TWIPY’s best pinball podcast award, and currently it doesn’t really feel like there’s anyone else who’s close. I think there are a couple reasons for this. Number one, he’s super entertaining. Some of the other pinball podcasts really get off topic and ramble a lot, he’s really good about staying on topic. Number 2, he doesn’t pull punches because he doesn’t have manufacturers to stay friends with. I think this second part is key. A lot of the podcasts out there don’t really say what they think because they’re afraid they will lose access to special information from manufacturers (which they would). This makes them infomercial like than actually offering a real opinion a lot of the time.

Kaneda has really good takes on a lot of things most of the times. He’s kind of like the voice of the little guy, as things he’s talked about (like Heighway pinball being in trouble) was deleted from Pinside (as they also have to keep relationships with manufacturers). He’s like the one person who doesn’t have a financial conflict of interest. I liken it to the difference between a sports news reporter, and a sports radio talk show host. The reporter has to report the news, and can’t really give that much personal opinion on anything. The talk show host though can have all kinds of opinions, and that’s what makes him entertaining. That’s the difference here as well.

You can find his pinball podcast here.

#2 Special When Lit

A new podcast, Special When Lit is a pretty decent entry into the pinball podcast arena. I only recently started listening to them, and their latest entry on Elvira was excellent. Unlike Kaneda, this podcast is the usual format of two hosts going back and forth about a subject. Of the ones I’ve listened to, I think this is probably the best of those types.

You can find their podcast here.

#3 Coast 2 Coast

Although older now, it still is probably in the top 3 for pinball podcasts overall (though slowly becoming outdated unfortunately). I’d recommend downloading a bunch of the older episodes and see how you like it. He was the #1 pinball podcast for a long time before life kind of got in the way I think. New job, personal issues, moving to Europe, etc all slowly caused the episodes to become less and less frequent. At one time, he almost moved to Chicago to work for Stern, he was that good.

You can find his podcast here.

The rest of the bunch

There are quite a few other podcasts now that have popped up over the past couple years. The Loserkid Pinball podcast, This Week In Pinball, This Flippin Podcast, etc are all really good.