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11 Awesome Game Room Gifts for 2017

    11 game room gift ideas
    Anki Overdrive, one of the 11 items on the list

    Looking for something for that special someone or maybe your kids?  I’ve put together a list of 11 Awesome Game Room Gifts for 2017 to help you with your holiday shopping this year.  As a full disclosure, I own quite a few of these items myself and am an Amazon affiliate, which means that I get a small percentage if you buy anything based upon my recommendations (and it doesn’t cost you anything extra, it just goes to help pay for the hosting and expenses of this website).  I would only recommend things I truly believe in and know about, I only want to help people.

    These aren’t in any particular order, just 11 things I’d recommend.

    #1  Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo came out with a great system with the Switch, in the first 9 months it’s had a ton of good games including ARMS, Mario Odyssey, and Legend of Zelda:  Breathe of the Wild.  The main thing it features is portability, it’s the first console that you’re able to pick up and take it with you.  The drawback is that it’s not as powerful as the Xbox One or PS4 and 3rd party game support is somewhat weak.  You can buy it here:

    Nintendo Switch with Red/Blue Joycons

    #2  Xbox One S

    The Xbox One S is the best value proposition among the current consoles.  Featuring a 4k Blu ray player, it can save you $100 having to buy that alongside your gaming console.  Xbox Live is the best online network for game consoles in my opinion, and the console has great 3rd party support.  It does not have as many games as the PS4 though, especially games from Japan like Persona 5.  Racing games and first person shooters are generally two of the Xbox’s strengths.

    Xbox One S

    #3  Playstation 4

    The Playstation 4 is the best selling console of this generation.  It also has the most games, though almost all major 3rd party releases are on both the Xbox and PS4.  I don’t think you could go wrong with either the Xbox One S or Playstation 4, probably the biggest deciding factor is what your friends are playing with.  If they’re all on Playstation 4 it would probably be better to go that way, and if they’re all on Xbox then it’s probably better to go that way.  Or do like me and get both.

    Playstation 4

    #3  Xbox One X

    The Xbox One X just released this December and is the first console to bring true 4k gaming to the TV.  The PS4 pro kind of did this last year but wasn’t quite powerful enough to do it.  Probably the biggest advantage to the Xbox One X is the increase you get from existing games, games that ran poorly before may get a huge boost in performance.  I’ve noticed a decrease in game loading times and framerates that are a lot more stable than before.  The biggest drawback is the $499 price tag, so I wouldn’t advise buying one unless you have a fairly sizable 4k TV.

    Xbox One X

    #4  Super Chexx Pro

    The brand new release from ICE, after 40 years of numeric displays Super CHEXX was updated to have an LCD screen, new sound, and new lighting, all for only $200 more than it was before.  Since they rarely change their games, you can be reasonably sure that if you buy one now it will probably be the same 10 years from now.

    Super Chexx Pro

    #5  Tornado Classic Foosball

    The Tornado Classic Foosball is one of the best foosball tables you can buy right now.  While maybe not the best bang for your buck table, Tornado is the standard by which all other foosball tables are judged.  There’s also a sport model here but I’d recommend going with the classic because of the counterbalanced men, without them the guys will constantly fall back over and be in your way in 1 v 1 battles.  I owned a Tornado Whirlwind which didn’t have the counterbalanced men and I regretted it, the one I have now has the counterbalanced men and it’s much better.

    Tornado Classic Foosball

    #6  Anki Overdrive

    My kids got this for Christmas last year, it’s essentially the slot car track everyone loved as a kid updated to run with ipads, iphones, and other tablet devices for controls.  It works pretty well but you have to keep it very clean.  They always mention cleaning the track and the tires, but I found that cleaning the sensor underneath the car made more of a difference than anything else.  When that sensor is dirty, the cars would not work very well at all.

    Anki Overdrive

    #8  Viper 800 Dart Board

    If you have little kids, this is something you should probably pass on unless you want a lot of holes in your wall.  If that isn’t an issue, then this could be a very economical addition to your game room, one of the cheapest things on this list plus will last for years.  It’s one of those things that never goes out of style.

    Viper 800 Dart Board

    #9  Crosley Jukebox

    Big, expensive, and super cool are words I would use to describe the Crosley Jukebox.  Our course, in today’s world of $700 Sonos speakers, maybe spending over $1k for a Jukebox isn’t such a bad deal.  I would recommend getting the stand underneath as well, otherwise it will probably be too short.

    Crosley Jukebox

    #10  Paragon Popcorn popper

    No home theater would be complete with a popcorn popper, and Paragon makes some of the best ones.  I have a 4 oz model that I bought 5 years and it’s been great.  Probably the only downside is that it does take a little effort if you want to keep it super clean, but I never really bothered to keep it sparkling.  Some people might recommend the 6oz, but with a family of 4, 4 oz was perfect.  If I ever needed more, it was easy to just cook another batch.

    Paragon Popcorn popper

    #11  TCL 55″ TV

    What?  A TCL TV?  Yes, it sounds weird, but somehow TCL has came out of nowhere and produced a TV that has an outstanding picture and great features.  Featuring a roku built in and some of the best response time for a TV (important for gaming), it’s a great value.   The 55″ has been a #1 pick by video gamers this year.  I know a lot of people won’t buy anything that doesn’t have a big brand name, but 1000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon can’t be that far off.

    TCL 55″ TV

    Hope this 11 awesome game room gifts for 2017 guide has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions, please email me as I own or have used almost all of these items.

    Black Friday Deals at Amazon


    For those of you who haven’t seen all the deals, I thought I would share some of the best Amazon deals I’ve seen.  As a full disclosure, I am an Amazon affiliate, so any purchases you make will support this website while costing you nothing.  I do appreciate any shopping you may do though.  🙂  I made a ton of purchases yesterday on video games, I think I bought Assassin’s Creed Origins, Shadow of War, Forza 7, and a few others (a lot of the games are out of stock currently but may go back in stock at times).  Below are mostly video game items, sorry I don’t really know how good the deals are on non video game items, lol.

    The rest of the deals can be found here:

    Amazon Black Friday deals

    Best Buy, Walmart, and Target also have some great deals so be sure to check them out too.

    Xbox One Game Sharing


    One thing you may not have heard of is Xbox One Game Sharing, or I think the technical name is Xbox game share.  In any case, basically it’s the process by which you and a friend can share digital games without you both having to purchase them.  For example, if I bought Star Wars Battlefront II digitally and my friend and I were game sharing, then he would automatically get the game for free.  Pretty sweet, eh?

    How to setup Xbox One Game Share

    So the next question is, how do you set it up?  It’s actually a pretty easy process which involves setting your home console to the other person’s Xbox.  I’ll go through the process step by step below.

    First, go onto your friend’s Xbox One and go to the settings menu, see the screenshot below.

    Xbox One Settings Menu
    Xbox One Settings Menu

    After you go into settings, you’ll want to go ‘Personalization’ and then select My Home Xbox, see the screenshot below.

    Xbox One Personalization Screen
    Xbox One Personalization Screen

    You’ll have the option to make your friend’s xbox one your home xbox by selecting “Make this my home Xbox”.  After this, your friend will now have access to any digital game you buy plus also having Xbox Live for free as a result.  This does not work for disc based games by the way, only digital downloaded games.

    Xbox One Home Xbox Setting Screen
    Xbox One Home Xbox Setting Screen

    You’ll now want to complete the process the other way, with your friend signing into your xbox one and then making your xbox his home xbox (yes, a little confusing).  Then you’ll have access to all of his digital games as well.

    Besides setting up this with friends, this also works great for families.  I use this at home between my xbox’s to share games like Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront, Halo Wars 2, and many others.  This saves me a lot of money not having to buy two copies of everything.  The only drawback is that most of the time, there are a lot better sales on physical disc games than the digital download games, so you’ll end up spending a little extra sometimes as a result.

    Hopefully this Xbox One Game Sharing article has helped you save some money and frustration.  If you have any questions, please contact me.



    Using Nintendo Switch on a mobile hotspot

    Nintendo Switch Home Screen
    Nintendo Switch Home Screen

    Since the Nintendo Switch is a portable system, one of the things you might want to do is hook the Switch up to the internet so you can play some Splatoon 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online.  Luckily it’s not too hard of a process to hook up your switch to your cell phone mobile hotspot.  This article will detail exactly how to use your Nintendo Switch on a mobile hotspot.

    The first thing you need to do is turn on your iPhone’s mobile hotspot.  You do this by going to Settings then Personal hotspot and turning it on by sliding the slider right.  It will look like the screen below:

    iPhone Hotspot Picture
    Turning on your iPhone Hotspot so the Nintendo Switch can connect

    Once this is setup, you’ll need to go onto your Nintendo Switch and find your hotspot network.  You’ll do this by going to Settings:

    Nintendo Switch Main Screen
    Nintendo Switch Main Screen

    then Internet:

    Nintendo switch System Settings
    Nintendo switch System Settings

    then Internet Settings:

    Nintendo Switch Network Settings
    Nintendo Switch Network Settings

    and then find your network (which is Aaron’s hotspot in this case):

    Nintendo Switch Network Selection screen
    Nintendo Switch Network Selection screen

    Once you select this, the Switch will try to connect to the network.  I have noticed that occasionally this is a little flakey at times, I think the Switch for some reason has some occasional wifi issues.  If it has troubles, I recommend turning your hotspot off and on again, that’s helped me in the past.  When you finish it should look like this if it works:

    Nintendo Switch Connected to cell phone hotspot
    Nintendo Switch Connected to cell phone hotspot

    Once it’s hooked up, you should be able to go play your favorite internet games without too many issues.  You may experience greater lag than normal but it should be pretty playable still.  Something to take note of is that this will only currently work for Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint networks, it won’t work on AT&T due to their restrictive NAT.  If you have AT&T, you don’t really have any good options unfortunately.  I do know that people have been campaigning AT&T to make their NAT less restrictive so the Switch can connect online.  Nintendo could also fix their network to work with more restrictive NAT’s but that seems unlikely considering they had this issue with the Wii U as well and never fixed it.

    I made a video of the whole process below, hopefully that helps every out.  I know for kids and parents that aren’t used to using a hotspot it can be kind of a difficult process initially.

    Xbox One X First Impressions


    If you read a post of mine from a couple days ago involving the Epson 5040ub and the Xbox One X issues, I was really debating on whether to even keep my Xbox One X or take it back to Best Buy for a refund.  I was eventually persuaded to keep it after listening to a podcast where they talked about how smooth some of the games were now and how much faster they loaded.  I made a video of my unboxing in the title and then my Xbox One X first impressions and setup below.

    The first game I loaded up was Pillars of Eternity.  I know, not the first title you think of when you think cutting edge, but I’ve been playing it a ton over the past month or so and I wanted to see how much smoother it would play with the extra horsepower.  It was definitely a lot smoother than it was previously and it seemed to load faster as well, but that second part could just be in my head.  The smoothness you could see when you turned on fast walking mode, instead of being a jerky motion the characters were a lot smoother overall.

    NBA2k18 was next.  It required a 5 gig patch for the Xbox One X, which isn’t very big compared to some of the others I’ve seen.  Playing the game, it definitely loaded faster it seemed and was smoother on the court, but not a huge difference overall.  I don’t think this would be a game you’d buy this exclusively for unfortunately, but maybe I need to do some more A/B testing.

    Most of the other games I have don’t take advantage of the Xbox One X 4k enhancement and power unfortunately.  I have Forza Horizon 3 but it isn’t supposed to have the enhancements done until January at the earliest, so can’t really use that as a gauge.  Next week on the Black Friday sales though I’m planning on picking up:

    • South Park The Fractured But Whole
    • Shadow of War
    • Call of Duty WWII
    • Assassin’s Creed Origins

    I think all of them except South Park take advantage of the extra One X processing power so hopefully I’ll have some more video to post showing the differences between the two.  I’m really looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Origins, it looks like they’ve really done a nice job with it.  With those games I’ll have quite a bit of 4k content to check out and compare.

    One of the things not mentioned that much is that Dolby Atmos is supported on the Xbox One X (and I believe S) now but not the original Xbox One.  I have a Denon X4300H I bought this spring that supports Atmos and an Axiom Speaker setup that I bought a few years ago.  In order to get that working with the Xbox One X, you have to download the Dolby app and then select the newly enabled Atmos sound setting.  The app is a pretty small download and doesn’t take much time at all to setup, maybe like 5 minutes tops.  It comes with some cool demos as well.

    The best demo I’ve ran so far on what the Xbox One X can do is the Insects demo from Microsoft which shows off 4k, HDR, and Atmos.  Some of it appears to a little over the top, like some 1080p/4k stuff where things suddenly become crystal clear in 4k (when it didn’t appear like there should be a reason for the 1080p display to be as blurry as it was).  So while it was cool, I’m not sure if it was 100% believable.  Made a video toggling between 4k and 1080p below, hopefully it will show you the differences between 1080p and 4k as far as details goes.

    One thing I should mention is that initial I did have some connection issues with my Denon X4300H, the Xbox One X, and my workout TV being driven off output port 2 on the Denon.  I don’t know if something in the HDMI chain was causing issues but initially I couldn’t get a picture on the workout TV.  Today though it’s working fine, so hopefully it was just a one time deal.  Just wanted to mention it just in case someone else is doing a similar setup and runs into connectivity issues.  Ironically my original Xbox One worked fine that whole time yesterday when I was having Xbox One X issues.

    Here are some still pictures showing the differences between 4k and 1080p:

    Xbox One X Insects 4k disabled
    Xbox One X Insects 4k disabled
    Xbox One X Insects Demo 4k Enabled
    Xbox One X Insects 4k enabled

    Probably a lot harder to see on a smaller screen, but especially around the eyes you can notice the difference in detail.

    If you decide that you want an Xbox One X, you can always order it through my affiliate link here:

    Xbox One X from Amazon

    As of this writing they were temporarily sold out but I think stock has been showing up randomly, you’ll have to check a few times before you’ll actually find one to order I’m guessing.  I’ll update my Xbox One X first impressions here in the next couple days with some additional games hopefully.

    Xbox One X incompatible with Epson 5040ub or 5040ube in 4k/60fps/10bit mode

    Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Unopened Box
    Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Unopened Box

    I bought an Epson 5040ub 4k e-shift projector in June in anticipation of the Xbox One X and for the ps4 pro I bought with it.  The Xbox One X arrived last night but I didn’t have time to open it, so I was waiting until tonight to do it.  While I was at work though, I found out some devastating news, evidently since the Xbox One X outputs 4k at 60 frames per second/10 bit, the Epson 5040ub or 5040ube can’t handle all the data due to it’s chipset not supporting anything higher than 4k60 8 bit.  What happens it appears is the Xbox One X then renders everything at 1080p and then up-scales it to 4k 8-bit rather than rendering at 4k and sending 8 bit data instead of 10 bit (evidently, read more below).  The picture and text below illustrate the issue:

    Setup screen for Xbox One X on an Epson 5040ub
    Setup screen for Xbox One X on an Epson 5040ub
    • Xbox One X thinks that the Epson 5040ub or 5040ube doesn’t support 4k60 10 bit (which is correct due to the HDMI chipset bandwidth limitation)
    • Xbox One X then decides that it shouldn’t render in 4k then, it will render in 1080p mode and upscale it to compatible 4k60 8 bit mode (as noted in the dashboard picture above at the bottom game section)
    • Hence all the 4k rendering benefits disappear possibly for games (depending on how the Xbox One X is handling things)

    The question is, is the Xbox One X display message above correct or misleading?  It says that games will be upscaled (meaning from 1080p to 4k I assume) but is that really what’s happening?  Total bummer for me, had been waiting a long time for this.  We’ll see what the next couple days bring as far as a response from Microsoft but I’m not holding my breath, I’m hoping that someone figures out what is actually happening on this display and other TV’s that are in a similar boat.  I would think that the only way to tell would be is if you had a game that rendered at 1080p at 60fps and 30fps at 4k, if you played it and it was 60fps that you’ve confirmed the upscaling, and if you play it and it’s 30fps, then it appears like Microsoft’s game message above is incorrect.

    I was going to return the Xbox One X Scorpio edition to Best Buy but I decided that I’d keep and see how it goes after hearing that some of the games I play like NBA2k18 play a lot smoother and that load times on some games are dramatically reduced.  I was also thinking about selling my Epson projector after finding this out a couple days ago but have decided to keep it for now because after investigating the alternatives there just wasn’t a good secondary option available in this price range yet.  I may try some experiments with my low lag Viewsonic Pro8100 with it to see if that reveals anything.

    Hopefully someone will come out with a 4k projector that’s both economical and without bandwidth limitations here pretty soon.  In the meantime, we can hope that Microsoft puts out a patch that allows 8 bit mode or at least clarifies the menu if the menu is actually wrong (but from what I’ve heard, that seems unlikely based upon past issues like this).  There is a workaround for those that want to spend some extra money, there’s a device from HD Fury that can make the Xbox One X think it’s attached to a 4k60/10 bit signal and then downsample it for the projector at 4k60/8 bit.  Not the most optimal solution, but it appears like that is what a large number of Epson owners are going to do.  I spent the day looking for other 4k solutions but unfortunately most other projectors are either a lot more expensive or have other gaming drawbacks like lag.  The HD Fury is available through Amazon affiliate here:

    HD Fury – HD Fury 4k Integral – 6934917036354 from Amazon

    A lot of people who have the Epson 5040 or 5040ube already have this device mainly for trying to get HDR with 4k/60 from the PS4 Pro and some streaming devices.  Unfortunately I don’t have one to try out.

    Site Monetization


    If any of you have been visiting my website for very long, you’ll notice that recently I put up some ads as an experiment to see if I could make enough to at least pay for the website hosting costs.  I put up a guide to how I made this website along with the earnings so far here:


    You’ll get a good laugh at the very least.  Thanks for supporting my site, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue giving you good articles in the future.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Released


    Stern today announced that they’re making Guardians of the Galaxy pinball in three models, pro, premium, and LE.  They’ve uploaded a teaser video which I’ve attached to this post.

    It looks pretty good, the groot head reminds me of the old Pat Lawlor Funhouse game to a degree.  The Rocket shot looks like it came off of Jurassic Park, and the drop target lock looks like it was lift from Total Nuclear Annihilation which was just released from Spooky pinball.

    There are a lot more details and pictures for the game at:


    Pictures are having a hard time loading it appears on their website.  There’s a big thread on pinside discussing the game here:


    Looks like the feedback so far is pretty positive (other than the price, lol).  The big feature of the game is the big Groot head in the back which can raise and lower its mouth to swallow or release balls for multiball.

    Stern is also trying to acquire the rights to two songs from the first film for the game, though the details haven’t been finalized yet.  I’m hoping that they go the extra mile and get at least one or two more after the two they’re going after, there are so many good songs on that soundtrack that it would be a shame not to have them included.

    Price of the Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine is $6,199 for the pro, $7,899 for the premium, and $8,999 for the LE.  I’ll let you in on a secret though, those prices are like car dealer sticker prices, nobody pays though except for people who don’t like to negotiate.  You can expect to pay significantly less for all three models, I think Aerosmith was about $5200ish through a dealer so Guardians will probably be around $5400ish.

    If you’re looking for dealers to get discounted pinball prices from, I would contact Game Exchange in Colorado.  You’ll have to call because Stern has a rule that no lower prices are to be disclosed via email, but call them up and say gameroominfo sent you to get the lowest price.  🙂   There are a bunch of other dealers around that sell too but he’s the one I’ve heard the most good things about lately.  I ordered two new in the box games in the past but they were from other vendors.  They were fine but the comments I’ve heard would lead me to believe that Game Exchange would be your best bet.

    Their website is:


    Just ignore the prices on their website and call them up for a better price.  This only applies to new Stern machines fyi, games from other manufacturers are more set in stone.  I’ve talked to them once on the phone when I was trying to find a Metallica pinball machine, they were very helpful but didn’t have what I was looking for at the time (I think they were out of stock if I remember).

    If you’re new to pinball, I would also caution that you want to make sure that the code on the machine is done first before you buy a new in the box game.  Nothing is more frustrating than buy a new game and then having major code issues all the time (like missing modes, missing wizard modes, etc).  There are multiple examples of games where the code got to about 80% or 90% done and then got abandoned due to poor sales.  Wheel of Forture is the poster child for this, the code that’s there is great but all the wizard modes are missing along with lots of other things.  I owned it for a while and would own it again if they’d ever finish it but that seems highly unlikely at this point.

    Guardians of the Galaxy pinball should be shipping by the end of the November, beginning of December.  Pro models will likely be hitting the line first with the LE’s to follow and the premiums after that if recent history is any indicator.  I’m interested to see how it turns out, if they finish the code and has callouts from the movie actors I’d definitely be interested, if it’s just “I am groot” all the time I’d be less interested, lol.  I’m personally trying to find a Walking Dead Pro pinball machine to buy.  I could buy one new but I’d rather save a few hundred and buy used if possibly, but I haven’t had much luck doing that so far.

    I’ll try and update this post later with information on the code state and reviews of the game.  The only thing I’ve heard so far is that the code isn’t complete, but how far incomplete it is we don’t know.  Batman 66 was almost unplayable when it was released last year, but then Aerosmith shipped after it and was almost complete on day 1 of shipping.  With that lack of consistency it’s hard to know what you’re getting.  As an FYI, Batman 66 still isn’t finished, so if you buy a game that doesn’t have complete code you could be waiting over a year before it’s done.

    Foosball Table electronic sound system

    Tornado Foosball table with sound system added
    Foosball table I added the sound system to

    I finally got around to a project I’ve been kicking around for a long time, adding a sound system to my tornado foosball table.  I’ll probably have more details in a week or so, but for now I wanted to post up the video and some higher level details about the project.

    Basically, the way it works currently is that there’s a sound system that plays a constant crowd noise during the game.  It’s set to loop every minute or so but it could be changed to be longer if needed.  When goals are scored from either goal, a sound gets played.  Right now it’s just the same sound every time but that could be switched out to be different every time.  I programmed the system to only use the two tracks currently just to make it easier, adding more tracks would require some code changes.

    Here’s the video:


    Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey released!


    After some teasers were leaked about a month ago, everyone has been waiting in anticipation for the new Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey machine to be released.  Everyone was wondering:

    How much more will it be?

    Will there be an upgrade path for older games?

    What are all the upgrades over the previous models?

    I’ll try and answer those questions now.  It appears like there’s a $200 increase over the previous base model, from $2499 to $2699.  That’s not too bad considering the new technology that was added.  The NHL version which is pretty popular is now $3199, which is great for NHL fans (I have the retrofit NHL players on mine).  What I can’t quite understand is though, is why the the NHL version is $500 more.  If you look in the spare parts area, you can buy the ICE, the players, and all the stickers for $400 or $450, depending on what kind of teams/ice you want.  It seems like you’d be much better off ordering the base model + NHL kit, that way you’d have:

    • extra set of red and blue players
    • extra ice
    • extra $50 to $100

    Probably could sell the ice and players for $150 to $200.  There’s probably something I’m missing here, but on the surface it seems like you’d be better off not buying the NHL version because of that.

    According to people in the know, there isn’t an upgrade path for older models unfortunately.  The only way to get the new LCD screen is to get a new machine.

    As far as the upgrades go, the new model now features:

    • new 5″ lcd screen
    • brand new commentary and sounds
    • new controls for deluxe home version
    • red/green/blue led spotlights
    • video clips shown on the screen

    A pretty substantial upgrade over the older model.  The game play though is completely unchanged, so if you liked it before you’ll still like it.  All the mechanical parts are still the same so if you’re familiar with working on them the new one won’t be any different.

    I’m still debating on whether I want to upgrade or not.  They did finally release videos (shown below).  If you want pictures or to buy one because they’re so sweet, they’re available at their main website through my affiliate link here:

    Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey from ICE

    Sounds like it’s about a 2 to 3 week wait time from order to delivery most of the time, so if you’re ordering it for a gift make sure you take that into account.  Depending on the season, I could see it taking even longer around Christmas.

    Here are some more videos of it in action:

    And here’s a video of them setting up a new one out of the box:

    I’m pretty excited to see exactly what is all going to be shown on the scoreboard.  I’m glad they finally upgraded the electronics, I know that several people were investigating to see if they could redo the original electronics with a raspberry pi and an LCD screen.  Wish there was sound with the videos, I know a lot of people are interested to hear what the Super Chexx Bubble Hockey game sounds like.

    For more information on Chexx games and other bubble hockey machines, check out my bubble hockey guide here:


    Bubble Hockey Buying Guide