Are you experiencing Total War Warhammer 3 crashes when trying to launch battles or loading campaigns? Do you get to 99% and then crash to desktop? Those are the problems my son was having, and through a complete diagnostics review I finally figured out what was wrong (and I’m guessing it’s what is happening to a lot of you too).

Total War Warhammer 3 memory issue

The primary issue we were having is that the game was crashing to desktop upon loading. If we lowered the graphical settings, it would happen less frequently, but once the battles got larger the issue would come back. What made the issue even more puzzling is that the game worked perfectly fine for a long time until we upgraded his D: drive from an older spinning type to a solid state drive. It didn’t make any sense, upgrading should have made things much better but it didn’t. So I also tried:

  • Upgrading the Nvidia RTX 3060 TI video card drivers
  • Switching out the Nvidia card with an ATI card
  • cleaning off the C: drive for more storage space (this should have helped, but didn’t…I will explain more below)
  • reinstalling the game on the C: drive and D: drive
  • clearing off the game user data and starting over
  • lowering the detail settings

Nothing worked. Some of it helped it happen slightly less frequently but the problem always came back when the battles got larger or the campaign turns increased.

Total War Warhammer 3 crashing solution

Here’s what actually worked for fixing our problem. The problem with the crash is that it gives you basically no feedback on what is actually wrong. It just kicks you right out with no warning.

The core problem is that the game is running out of virtual memory. Why this problem didn’t happen until we replaced my son’s D drive is that the virtual memory page file was on the D: drive and when I replaced it the page file just went away. I show the menus below to check:

This is off my laptop but it’s the same on every windows machine. If your page file isn’t large enough, doesn’t exist, or if your storage drive has too little free space it can cause Total War Warhammer 3 to run out of virtual memory.

The event viewer can also give you a heads up if this is happening on your pc. That was what initially clued me into what might be happening, there was a warning about virtual memory in there.

Hopefully this helps some of you fix this ongoing issue. I’m not sure why there isn’t better error handing for this in Warhammer, but at least this might shed a clue to what’s happening. I hadn’t seen this solution posted by anyone else, but I’m guessing that this is responsible for a large part of the crashes.


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