One of the most annoying things about Rocksmith is that the cable means you have to be sitting fairly close to your console or pc. 15 years ago when all the controllers were wired, that wasn’t a big deal, but now that all the controllers are wireless it’s kind of a pain.

I finally decided that I needed to stop tripping over the cord and come up with a long term solution. To do that, I did some research on what wireless adapter had the best bang for buck. I ended up buying this one below.

Rocksmith Wireless Guitar Adapter
Rocksmith Wireless Guitar Adapter

Amazon affiliate link:

Wireless Guitar Adapter for Rocksmith

I also had to buy a female to female adapter as the adapter and Rocksmith cable both have a male end. Amazon affiliate link below:

Female to Female 1/4″ adapter

Rocksmith cable to wireless adapter
Rocksmith cable to wireless adapter

Wireless Rocksmith

So how well does it work with Rocksmith? In a word, flawlessly. It’s something I should have bought a long time ago. I have like 500+ hours in Rocksmith, and all that time I’ve been tripping over the stupid cord.

There’s actually an additional benefit that most people don’t mention, you can use it to send input into both Rocksmith and an amp if you buy an additional adapter. The wireless features a one output to many input feature that allows your guitar to send to both your console/pc and to another amp. The adapter supports up to 6 receivers from one transmitter.

Why would you want this feature? Well Rocksmith has a tendency to kind of mask imperfections in your playing to a degree, while the amp hides nothing. The first time I tried it I was like “Wow, I suck at this song” when I thought I was really good (according to Rocksmith). While technically I was hitting the notes, what I was playing also had all kinds of imperfections that made it sound terrible. It’s a key part in getting better.

What other advantages does this have? Well it will also keep your Rocksmith cable from wearing out, which is also something that eventually goes out after extended use.


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