This is a post my son wrote. He really got into pinball this year, and has played a lot of games as a result.

In my opinion what makes a pinball machine bad is a bad rulesheet, nothing cool or unique about it, and very easy to get to the wizard mode. This list is entirely my opinion and hopefully you enjoy it.

5. Monster Bash, I know lots of people love this game but I definitely don’t. This game is very easy to beat, and I find very annoying just shooting Frankenstein and the center orbit to get the regular multiballs. The modes are as boring as they can get.

4. The Getaway: High Speed 2, this game also like monster bash on how it’s super easy to beat, but also has boring multiballs and bad rules.

3. Scared Stiff, This is the most overrated game of all time in my opinion. The multiballs are no fun at all because all you do is shoot ramps, the wizard mode is so easy to get to some people have gotten there over 5 times in a single game! 

2. Star Wars(Data East), Although the theme is great, this game is not. Wanna know how to get a highscore? Shoot the death star 1000 times. There isn’t any goals in this game other than get multiball. The multiball isn’t even fun. Every time I play this game I like it less and less.

1. The Munsters. I don’t like this game at all. The lower playfield on the Premium and LE is one of the worst lower playfields I’ve ever played. I find the multiballs super boring. The music in this game is also very bad. This game is also very easy to beat and this game would probably not last you over a month for home use.


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