Pinball Machine Dimensions

Besides pinball weight, the other thing that a lot of people have questions on is pinball machine dimensions, i.e. how wide, long, and deep a pinball machine is.  The main problem is usually the doorways, some heads don’t fit through smaller doorways.  Here’s a summary of standard head widths for DMD games:

Stern: 27 5/8″

Williams:  28 3/4″

Both should fit through your standard 32″ doorway, but when going through smaller doorways you may have to remove the door in order get them through.

The length usually isn’t an issue as the game can be tipped up on it’s back (without legs on) for moving.  Most games are around 56″ long and 76″ to 80″ high (depending on how high the leg levelers are set at and how long the legs are).

One thing to note is that Gottlieb system 3 DMD games are slightly taller when the head is folded down than Stern or Williams games.  This is sometimes important when hauling the game in a smaller SUV (it may be too tall to fit).


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