20 years ago, the BKA-1000 amp was the main way to drive the the Buttkicker LFE products. Usually you’d daisy chain them together to the amp, and then you’d be good to go. Over time though, these amps have started to fail, and Buttkicker hasn’t always stocked them for whatever reason, leaving customers wondering what to buy. I recently had this same issue, my BKA1000-4A amp that I’d had for 10 years went poof literally, started smoking and lots of electronics burning smell. Luckily I was in the basement to turn it off.

Dayton Audio SA1000 Subwoofer Amplifier

When I contacted Buttkicker about repairing the amp, I was told they don’t repair any amps anymore. And when I asked about buying a replacement, the BKA1000-P, they said they were out of stock and wouldn’t be receiving any for a while. They suggested the Dayton Audio SA1000 Subwoofer Amplifier. I looked it up, and honestly it had a lot better features than the Buttkicker model, so I decided to order it and give it a shot.

How is it? Honestly, it’s a lot better than the Buttkicker version for the most part because of all the adjustments it has. While my BKA1000 only had frequency and volume adjustments, this has those 2 plus 4 other adjustments where you can modify things to your liking.

A few people in reviews have mentioned how they don’t like the bright blue LED for power, I agree that it is bright but since my cabinet is to the side of my theater it doesn’t really bother me too much.

I’m currently using the Dayton SA1000 to drive 3 Buttkicker LFE‘s, same as my old setup. One thing I did wish it had was a remote, not so much for every day use, but when you’re initially setting it up there’s a lot of trial and error to get the volume just right (as there is with the BKA1000 too).

Buttkicker LFE wired in Home Theater
Buttkicker LFE wired in Home Theater

Buttkicker BKA1000 repair?

I looked into this quite a bit after the manufacturer refused to repair it. The general gist of it was:

  • what usually fails is one of the capacitors
  • causes the amp to smoke usually
  • some people have had success repairing them on their own, but it’s not something that an average person should attempt due to the nature of the amp
  • there used to a place or two that serviced them a long time ago but they’ve discontinued their services

In the end, it’s probably not worth saving the older BKA1000 models as the newer units appear to have better redundancy as does the Dayton SA1000 from what I’ve read.


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