Is there a Harry Potter Pinball Machine? As of this moment, no there is not. However, that may change in the future as rumors have been swirling that it may finally be coming.

Why isn’t there a Harry Potter Pinball Machine?

While nobody knows for sure, the rumor has been for 10+ years that JK Rowling associates pinball with gambling and doesn’t want to license it. Whether that is true or not, nobody knows for sure, most of the time the real reason is that the license is too expensive or doesn’t come with enough assets to make it worth it.

Like when Stern did their first Avengers Pinball, none of the voices of the actors were used due to cost. And the original Back to the Future game didn’t use Michael J Fox on the backglass because of the cost. So it may be as simple as the license is too expensive for everything.

Who is rumored to be making a Harry Potter Pinball Machine?

At first, a long time ago, Jersey Jack Pinball was rumored to be making Harry Potter pinball. That rumor though has turned out to be false (at least so far). More recently though, in the past year or two, Stern has been rumored to be making it in connection with Kapow games (who specializes in rare unique licenses). When or if that happens though remains to be seen. For sure it’s not coming out in 2023, Stern’s lineup is already packed with games this year.

There is a virtual game shown below though that shows what might be done if one were to come to market, it’s pretty awesome.


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