I finally finished a project I’ve been working on for a while, I’ve got the initial version of my intro to pinball class up and running.

Pinball Class

Took me quite a while to get all the filming, slides, and editing done but it’s finally available here on Udemy:

Intro to Pinball Class on Udemy

As a bonus, if you use the coupon code GAMEROOMINFO, it will discount the class to $9.99.  I tried to make it lower but $9.99 is the lowest Udemy will go on a class.  There’s a 30 day money back guarantee in case you change your mind, so that helps too.

If there’s anything you would like to see in the class that isn’t there currently, please let me know.

Other Pinball Education

For those of you looking for additional pinball learn stuff, I’d recommend checking out the Pinball 101 DVD.  I bought that when it came out and learned a bunch from it.  It goes over playing tips which are pretty good but unfortunately also has a bunch of filler video of a toy car going through the pinball playfield which is kind of annoying.  It covers all the basic flipper skills plus nudging, slapping, and some game specific tips (though not too many).

Order the Pinball 101 DVD from my Amazon Affiliate here:

Pinball 101 DVD

The Pinball 102 DVD is out as well now, though not in wide distribution yet.  I’m not sure why, but it’s only available on this kunaki site that I’ve never heard of (evidently they are a DVD burning wholesaler.  In any case, I haven’t bought it yet, so I can’t really offer any review of it.  The link is below:

Pinball 102 DVD

Although not really a learning thing, I’d also recommend (for pure entertainment value) Things that go bump in the night – The Spooky Pinball Story.

I rented that when it came out on Amazon, it was pretty good.  Shows what some hard work can do.  You can find the movie through my Amazon Affiliate here:

Things that go bump in the night – The Spooky Pinball Story

Another documentary which came out a while back is Special when Lit.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet, but the reviews are pretty good on it.  Roger Sharpe is in it, and for those who don’t know he’s basically been one of the most influential people in the hobby for the past 40 years.  It’s available through my Amazon Affiliate here:

Special When Lit:  A Pinball Documentary

Pinball Repair Videos

When it comes to pinball repair, there’s only one set of videos you should look into, the This Old Pinball series.  Done by Clay out in Michigan, they’re a tremendous value when repairing your own pinball machine.  I bought all the videos associated with the new 90’s games and all were a huge help.  They cost around $12 each, I’d highly recommend you buy the ones aligned with your interests.  I think I own 3, 4, and 7, which cover most games from the late 80’s to late 90’s.  The link is below:

This Old Pinball Videos

I used them to repair a bunch of games when I first started in the pinball hobby.  One of the best purchases I’ve ever made for pinball.


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