If you’ve ever thought about owning a pinball machine, one of the ones that will be at the top of a lot of people’s lists will be the Lord of the Rings pinball.  Based upon the classic movie trilogy, the game features all the music, sounds, art, etc that everyone loved about the movies.
What makes Lord of the Rings pinball one of the best?  The thing that usually catches everyone’s eye at first is the flying ramp shot up the middle.  This shot flies off the ramp at high speed into a magnetic ‘ring’ in the back center of the playfield.  There it sits suspended while the first of 6 modes starts.  The ‘modes’ are basically 6 different scenes from the movie, everything from Gandalf to the Witch King.  All of them feature speech from the movies along with great music.
Lord of the Rings center playfield
To go along with the modes, there are 3 main multiballs, one for each movie.  The Fellowship multiball is based up on getting them across the bridge before the Balrog catches them.  The Two Towers multiball is about defending helm’s deep while the orcs attack until Gandalf arrives.  The Return of the King multiball is about climbing the 7 tiers of the city to the top to save everyone.
A more in depth rulesheet is featured here:
What are the drawbacks of the game?  The main drawback is that compared to other games, the games can become rather long as you get better and better at the game.  It’s not uncommon to have 30 to 40 minute games on it after you win a bunch of extra balls.  At the end of this time, sometimes the flippers become overheated and weak.  If that’s the case for you, consider installing these:
That’s really it though, if you like the theme it’s really a hard game to beat.

I’ve installed a Color LED display in mine.  Honestly though, I think I’m going to switch it out for a Color DMD, I don’t really care for the triangle dots, they’re too bright and spaced apart too far.  I wouldn’t recommend Color LED for this particular game, I don’t think the color scheme goes well with it.


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