It used to be that pinball news was very slow and uneventful.  In fact there basically was no news.  In 2005 when I got into the hobby, there was only one news source, Pinball News, and their biggest claim to fame were their in depth reviews of new Stern machines.  When Sterns started having unfinished code all the time on release, then Pinball News started to lose some of their draw (at least for me anyways).  I’m going to run down the top news sources for pinball right now.

#1  This Week In Pinball

If you haven’t been paying attention, a new news source for pinball has burst onto the seen this past year.  Called “This Week In Pinball”, the site goes through every major news story of the week and even does their own investigations and interviews.  The site has seen a massive rise in popularity in just a short time due to the great content it features.

I think it started out as a website that basically summarized the forum happenings on Pinside.  But as its popularity grew, he started branching out into interviews and more in depth reporting.  He’s even started his own podcast, I recommend checking it out.

This Week In Pinball can be found here:

Every Monday he comes out with new news, so set a reminder.  Also, if you like his cause, don’t forget to donate, he would really appreciate it as he does a ton of work.

This Week In Pinball is also host of the TWIPY awards which caused a major stir last year when Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast end up winning.  It will be interesting this year to see who wins the awards and if there are any more controversial winners.

#2 Pinball News

The original online news source for pinball.  For a long time they only posted intermittent articles along with game reviews for newer Sterns (at least until they had the unfinished code issue, which caused them to be unable to fully review the games).  Today though they have fully written articles with the latest in pinball news.

The place where Pinball News shines above everyone else is original content.  They have a huge library of written articles and are generating new content weekly.  I highly recommend you check them out.  You can find them here:

#3  Fun With Bonus

If you’re a tournament player, this is the site to go to.  Steve Bowden, one of the world’s best players run it, and keeps it up to date with all kinds of tournament talk and other happenings in the pinball world.  A lot of people know Steve from pinball podcasts as he’s a frequent guest on a bunch of them.  His commentary on things is great.

Most of the content is links to other content from other sites for the most part.  But you’d never find it without him organizing it all for you, there are so many things going on that it’s impossible to keep track of them all.

The site is found here:


Hopefully this has clued you into the best pinball news sources right now.  I’ll probably update this with new ones as they come along.  It will take someone a lot of work though to dethrone This Week In Pinball.


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