This list comes from my son who in the last year has really gotten into pinball. He typed up the whole thing so all the thoughts are his. Mine are in my other list, Best Pinball Machines For Home Use.

In my mind a good pinball machine for me has to have a good/deep rulesheet, cool and unique toys and features , and how hard it is to beat. When a game has none of those that’s what makes the game a lot less fun. This list is entirely my opinion and I hope you enjoy it.

1. Star Trek The Next Generation, this game is the closest thing to a perfect game you can get. It has a great rule sheet, it has a risk-reward system when getting to the final frontier, and it has one of the coolest things in pinball, when the ball fires out of the borg ship.

2. AC/DC, Amazing game with a great rulesheet and super fun and challenging multiballs and a great wizard mode.

3. Lord of the Rings, Probably the 2nd deepest rule sheet in all of pinball, the only problems are The Return of the King multiball and it’s super long ball time.

4. Iron man, greatest short lasting ball time of all time with lots of awesome features.

5. The Simpsons Pinball Party, probably the deepest rulesheet in pinball and lots of great mini wizard modes to keep you busy.

6. Elvira’s House of Horrors, this game doesn’t even have a finished code yet, but this game has super fun multiballs, fun modes,  and so many cool and awesome features in it. I could definitely see this game moving up on my list when it’s code is finished.

7. Spiderman, lots of super fun multiballs and modes.

8. Attack from Mars/Medieval Madness. I’m ranking these games together because they have the same basic idea, destroy castles and saucers which is super fun. The problem is these games aren’t very hard to beat and can get boring shooting the same shot over and over again.

9. Corvette, this game has one of the greatest combos in pinball with the upper flipper, this game also has lots of ways to get to the wizard mode, this is probably in my top 3 favorite wizard modes of all time.

10. Paragon, my favorite older game of all time. Short lasting games with lots of fun things to do in it.


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