Pinball mods are big thing now in pinball. 10 years they barely existed outside of ones for The Addams Family and Twilight Zone, now they’re on almost every game in existence. Taking a cue from all the mod creators today, my son created some pretty awesome pop bumper mods for Big Buck Hunter pinball.

UFO Pop Bumpers

So the pop bumper caps that came with the game are pretty plain. In fact they’re pretty ugly overall, about the cheapest things you could possibly do. But with the budget that they had to work with back in 2010 when the economy was pretty awful, there’s not much else they could do. See below:

Old Big Buck Hunter Pop Bumper Cap
Old Big Buck Hunter Pop Bumper Cap

Today though things are different, a lot more creativity is going into all parts of pinball machines. Including improving aspects of older games.

These are the pop bumper toppers my son made:

Big Buck Hunter UFO Pop Bumper Pinball Mod
Big Buck Hunter UFO Pop Bumper Pinball Mod

As you can see, they’re pretty awesome. I was really impressed with what he made. They even wiggle a little when the bumpers go off, like the saucers are being hit.

If you’re interested in ordering them, we can probably make you some. Email me at if you’re interested.


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