I just picked this up today, it’s probably the coolest arcade clock I’ve seen, a pac-man clock.  Pictures are definitely better than words in this case:

pacman clock normal time
pacman clock normal time
pacman ghosts moving through
pacman ghosts moving through
pacman clock with ghosts to be eaten
pacman clock with ghosts to be eaten

It’s pretty sweet the way the ghosts chase pac-man across the screen and then he chases them back the other way.  The clock is actually on sale right now at Amazon here through my affiliate link:

Amazon PAC-MAN clock Link

Hard to imagine a more ‘game room’ clock than this one.  I also made a video on youtube of the clock here:

The clock is pretty bright in a dark room, so if you’re planning on putting it in a place where you sleep hopefully bright lights don’t bother you.  It keeps track of the month and day as well but never displays them as far as I know, so I don’t know why they’re even there.  It uses a standard AC/DC adapter for power, so if you’re using an outlet make sure you have room for a bigger plug like it has.  If you have any questions on the pac-man clock, feel free to email me.


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