One of the things I had problems with when I was fixing up my original Chexx was trying to track down all the parts I needed from ICE’s website, which isn’t exactly the easiest to navigate.  I’ve tried to make a list below of the common chexx bubble hockey parts that you might need to try and make the best bubble hockey table.

Chexx Bubble Hockey Parts

Here are some affiliate links below for parts that you might need for your Chexx or Super Chexx:

Dome Bolt Kit

NHL ICE and decal kit

Hockey Goal Net

Bubble Hockey Dome

Gear Box

Chexx Hockey Rod Grip

New side decal

Super Chexx Puck

Chexx Puck Ejector Assembly

There are some other packages you can pick that have different groups of items, but the ones I listed above are the most common.  I bought a new dome, new ice, players, grips, and puck for my game.  If I had to do it again, I’d buy all the stuff all over again, totally worth it to make the game look like new again.


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