If you’re a music lover and grew up before the internet was a thing, chances are you plugged quite a few quarters into a jukebox.  Like pinball, arcades, and roller skates though, jukeboxes have slowly disappeared from bars and other places like Pizza Hut.  I always wanted to have a jukebox in my home when I got older, and now I have with the Crosley Jukebox, the iJuke.  The picture of the one I have is below:

Crosley jukebox ijuke

The iJuke I have is an older version the CR12-2.  It has the radio, CD player, iPod input, and aux input.  The newer versions have Bluetooth instead of placing the iPod on the jukebox itself, which is probably more convenient overall.  Most of the time it’s either used for the radio or the iPod input, the CD player and aux are rarely used.  One of the things I’d definitely recommend is the extra stand that you can buy for underneath, that makes the thing a lot taller and more natural looking.  Without it, it’s too short in my opinion.  The stand is available from amazon below:


Of course, the most important question is, “how does it sound?”.  To my ears, it sounds fantastic.  It has enough power to be loud in basement without breaking up.  If it isn’t loud enough for you, it has outputs on the back that you can use to add additional speakers or wire it to another amp.  I’ve been happy enough with the sound though that I haven’t felt the need to do that.

When people come over, it’s one of the first things that gets turned on.  Kids especially like to turn on the light and radio and start dancing (I’ve also got a rotating light).  The combo makes a pretty good dance floor area.


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