For those of you who have been trying to find a Gran Board 2 in vain for the past year, relief is in site as the new Gran Board 3 has been released.  Evidently the reason the Gran Board 2 become so scarce is that they halted production on the 2 so they could ramp up production for the 3.  In any case, it’s now here, and you’re probably wondering “what are the differences”?  The Gran Board 2 was already the best online electronic dart board on the market in my opinion.

Gran Board 2 vs Gran Board 3

So first off, what are the differences between the 2 and the 3?  Well basically it appears like they took the Gran Board 2 and added LED capability to the board.  This video below does a really good job of showing the differences:

Basically, a lot of display effects around the outside and that’s about it.  They’re very cool, but if you’re a Gran Board 2 owner it’s probably not worth upgrading unless you really want the LED functionality or you have kids who would be a lot more amazed by it.

Where can you buy it?  Well luckily so far it doesn’t appear to have the same out of stock problems that the Gran Board 2 had over the past year.  It’s actually available now through my Amazon affiliate link below:

Gran Board 3 at Amazon

Since I have a Gran Board 2 and kids, I’m very on the fence about upgrading.  Since I just got the Gran Board 2 in December it’s a little early for me to be switching it out already.  🙂

If you haven’t seen my review of the Gran Board 2, it’s here:

Gran Board 2 review

Basically, it’s the best online dart board there is right now (well, until the 3 took its place).  I’ve had a ton of fun with it since I got it and my kids have too.  In fact they’ve about broken all of my darts, which is the next thing I need to invest in…good darts that don’t fall apart constantly.

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