It’s not everyday you run across a vintage American Shuffleboard Company table, especially one this long.  This one has been in this basement for over 50 years, it was in the basement when they built the rest of the house over it (it was too big to fit down the stairs, so they built the house around it).  It’s quite possible the carpet is original too, lol, along with the wood paneling.  🙂

Full Size American Shuffleboard Company Table
Full Size American Shuffleboard Company Table

The owners didn’t buy it new, it was originally on location before they got it.  It originally had a scoring unit and some lights I believe, but those are no longer with the table.  I asked the owner about them and they didn’t remember them being on there when they bought it 50+ years ago (but that they may have been there originally and they’ve forgotten in the past 50 years).  I looked under the table and there was a plugin where I think the lights and scoreboard plugged into but unfortunately no other signs of the missing pieces.  Here’s a picture:

american shuffleboard company electrical
american shuffleboard company electrical

Table Condition

Even being over 50 years ago, the table plays great.  Being so long, it’s very difficult to get pucks to stop at the end of the table.  You could probably practice on it for years without becoming a master.  The pucks appear to be the original pucks for the most part, although a couple of them appear to be replacements (probably from when it was on location).  The pucks were a dark blue and a bright red, if anyone is curious about that.

The table itself is in fantastic condition for as old as it is, it’s hard to imagine one being in better shape than this one.  Most of the wear on the table is around the bottom of the leg area, where people were probably rubbing against it all these years.  There’s also wear on the ends of the table obviously where people have been playing.

american shuffleboard company ribbon
american shuffleboard company ribbon

The one question is, does anyone know what the original scoreboard and lights looked like on this table?  And are originals anywhere?  I think the owners would like to purchase them if they knew what to look for.  It’s a little hard to figure out exactly what they need to buy, the information on this table is pretty lacking on the web currently unfortunately.  American Shuffleboard Company table parts appear to be hard to find.  Most of the pictures I was able to find were of the digital version and not of the Electro-Mechanical version (which were the versions before the late 70’s).

If you’re looking for maintenance information on your shuffleboard table, I’ve added an article here on it:

Shuffleboard Maintenance

Hopefully that helps out people looking for that information.



  1. I just purchased a table like yours pictured. I do have a working scoreboard. I am trying to find what I can expect to pay to have the complete table, (carriage and playing surface) refurbished to the original.

    • To refinish the entire table would probably cost thousands because the item is so large and would require someone who really knows what they’re doing with antique furniture. Probably more than the item is worth. If you’ve got the working scoreboard, could you send me a picture of it? I don’t know exactly what it’s supposed to look like.

    • Hi Kevin..i just cane acrid one of these shuffleboard..22ft American shuffleboard company.. what do you think these may be worth

      • Anyone have an idea…id like to refinish it or maybe sell it. but i have no idea where to start


        • In order to restore it, you’d have to get a quote from a local furniture restorer. Depending on the condition, it’s probably going to cost quite a bit just because of the size…basically, if you restore it, do it because you want it, not because you’ll make money on it.

          Selling it isn’t too hard on craigslist or facebook marketplace, lots of people looking for shuffleboards. Hardest part with a 22ft one is finding someone who can actually fit it in their house.

    • Depending on your location and condition, probably anywhere from $500 to $5000. Bad condition table out in the middle of nowhere? $500. Top notch condition in a major city? Might be able to get $5000. Ebay auctions show that people are getting between $1k and $4k for them in the past few months.

  2. I have a “short board” 12′ long table from the 1950’s with the coin operated scoreboard. This model requires 1 rebound off of the bumpers to add the challenge of a longer table. Here are Photos of the scoreboard the you might have had on yours.

  3. We just came into ownership of a 22ft. Board that looks like yours in the picture it is American suffleboard company.
    It has the coin machine attached to the side . It has a score board with it. It also was in a basement for approx. 50 years. Unfortunately we do not have a location large enough to keep it so we will have to look to sell it and came across your site. Are you still looking for the scoreboard?

  4. I have an American Shuffleboard in my cellar, and have had it since 1979. It had the original scoreboard as well…and it works. It’s from the 1950’s.

  5. I have a 28′ American and I’m just outside Philly any idea how much to resurface and any recommendations . Thanks Sean

    • I have a 22 ft American Shuffleboard Company-Imperial that I completely restored. Resurfacing the board was the challenging part. The cradle was easy with normal sanding, pain/stain, etc. There used to be services that would pick up the top and resurface in their shop. None remain in the Midwest anyway. I built a fixture to use with a Router to completely plane the surface. Then sanded and finished. Link to see the process and result is attached.

  6. I think I have the same table as you. I bought mine from a gentleman who had it in his basement for about forty years and I’ve owned for almost ten.
    It did come with an electronic scoreboard, but I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed yet. If you still need them, I can send you some pictures.

  7. I’m looking for a used 22′ American in east/midwest (am located in Pittsburgh) that is solid, but needs to be restored. Any leads appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Hi, I currently have a 32x22x11 frame shuffleboard from the American Shuffleboard Company with the powered wax and original directions. Its honestly practically new, just kept it in my basement and never used it. Need to get rid of it asap so reach out, I’m in the Northeast. My email is

  8. Looking to sell 22’ American standard shuffle board, I have metal scoreboard, pucks & lightning powder. The table is over 50 yrs old, it’s in great condition, the middle board is perfect. I’m in Massachusetts.

  9. I have the same table with lights at my VFW. I can send you a picture of the original lights and the “official shuffleboard rules” with a picture of the board and look of original lights.

  10. I have a 22ft American Royal long board with the scoreboard and 2 lights that still work! It’s been kept in my grandparents basement, great condition. I inherited it when I bought the house. They too put it in before the house was finished.


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