Practicing soccer at home has usually been a backyard affair, just outside practicing by yourself. This kind of practice is good, but can be lonely after a while without any giving instruction or practicing with you. DribbleUp came up with a solution for that after perfecting their DribbleUp Basketball. I’ve included some Amazon affiliate links in this article in case you’re interested in it further.

DribbleUp Soccer Ball

The DribbleUp Soccer system is basically a special yellow soccer ball combined with a phone or tablet. The phone or tablet has to be put pretty low on the floor for it to detect the ball. I’ve got a video below showing exactly how it works:

You can see that it puts green circles where the ball needs to be to ‘register’ in each drill. So when the ball moves left and right, it will count ‘completes’ as the ball moves through the virtual circles.

My son really likes it. You can do either prerecorded drills or take classes with live instructors. Originally my youngest son was just doing the prerecorded drills but switched to the live classes after a couple weeks. The live classes are a significant step up in terms of interaction and fun in my opinion. After trying both, I think the extra money is definitely worth it.

My oldest is doing the classes for the basketball right now as the drills and they’re very high quality.

Space Required

You can see from the video that it doesn’t really take too much space. Probably a 5 x 8 space would be enough. The floor we’re doing it on rolls really well, so we ended up putting our soccer training ring around to keep the ball from rolling away. If you’re doing it on carpet, you probably won’t have that same problem. The angle to view the videos on isn’t the best but it’s better than the basketball angle in my opinion. I say that because with soccer you’re kind of looking at your feet anyways so look down at the video is pretty natural. With basketball, not so much.

Is it worth it?

I think if you’ve got spare time, it’s definitely worth it. My son has never really practiced on his own outside. Like never. So the fact that he kind of likes this makes it totally worth it. If you’re time constrained and your son is already practicing 2 to 3 times a week, this might be too much on top of that. It kind of depends on the kid. The cost though is pretty low, so if it doesn’t work out you can always sell it to get your money back.

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