Have you always wanted to work out at home but wish it was more of a game? I think that’s what a lot of people have desired for a long time. Nintendo finally came up with a decent game/exercise combo with their new Ring Fit Adventure.

How does it work?

Basically, there are two parts. One controller goes into the included ring, and the other goes into the leg sleeve. The ring can be pulled, pushed, rotated, etc, it tracks all kinds of actions. The leg sleeve is for running and crouching. The ring works really well, the leg thing is not as accurate (or at least not for me, but it may have to do with the fact that I’m so tall and have really long legs).

With that, there are a bunch of different games with it. There’s the main adventure game, and a new Rhythm game that’s similar to Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution.

Main Ring Fit Adventure

The main Ring Fit adventure is a series of challenges that you through. Some are running through hills, some are boss battles. They generally involve some sort of endurance and a lot of squeezing and pulling of the ring. My son was doing it quite a bit for a while, he was getting to be pretty good at it.

Is the adventure as good as a normal video game? Unfortunately, not. It’s ok, but I don’t find it that compelling. But I don’t think it’s really made for people who play a lot of video games. It’s made more for casual gamers who want to work out. And that’s what Nintendo was shooting for. The adventures are ok but without a compelling story there’s not huge motivating factor in my opinion.

Rhythm Game

Recently Nintendo added a new Rhythm game section. Basically, it takes songs from the game and other games that they own (Mario, Zelda) and puts them into a DDR style game where you have to match the action on the screen. Here’s an example of what it looks like below:

It’s fairly challenging and frankly a pretty decent workout. The downside currently is probably the music itself. If they had more licensed music it would be pretty awesome in my opinion. As it stands, it’s a nice diversion but not something I could see playing longer term unless you had other people to compete against.


Would I recommend Ring Fit Adventure? If you have other exercise equipment at home, probably not. It would just be easier use the Switch on that piece equipment with a good game rather than doing this. However, if you’re in an apartment with limited workout options, it’s a pretty way to get in some exercise. I know that I’ve listened to podcasts where the hosts have really liked it overall due to the same factors (limited space and workout options).

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