This a frequent question I get asked and honestly there’s not much info on it so I thought that I go over that today.  The short answer is, no you can’t bust go bust in shuffleboard.  Because of the way the game is scored, there’s no reason ever to go for less points unless you’re playing some variation of standard scoring.

How many points is a standard shuffleboard game?

You’re going to see all kinds of various answers like 11, 15, 21, etc.  Unless you’re playing for a championship, I think it’s basically whatever you agree to play to.  Most of the time my family and I play to 11 or 15.  We’re a lot less skilled though than a lot of players though, so if we went any higher the games would take forever.  🙂  This only applies to table shuffleboard.

In outdoor shuffleboard, you typically play to 50 or 100 because the scoring values are a lot higher.  The concept is the same though, and just like table shuffleboard you can’t go bust.






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