When most people think shuffleboard, they think of those long shuffleboard tables that are often in bars or basements.  The other kind of shuffleboard though has been around forever is the kind you play on a shuffleboard court.  Shuffleboard on the ground has been around for a long time, being noted in England in 1532.

How to play Shuffleboard on the Ground

Floor shuffleboard (or deck shuffleboard) is another name for playing shuffleboard on the ground.  I think the deck comes from cruise ships where it’s a mainstay.  On floor shuffleboard, players use cues and discs rather than their hands and a table.  Instead of trying to get past point lines of 1, 2, and 3, floor shuffleboard involves a triangle with values of 10, 10-off, 8, 8, 7, and 7.

What is similar is that you use 4 discs in alternating fashion where you try and knock off, block, and score till you get to the desired final score (usually 50, 75, or 100).  I remember my brother and I playing it at a hotel when we were kids, it was a blast.  Of course back then we really didn’t know what we were doing, just that we needed to get on the triangle values.

Which set to get?

There are few options, the best low priced option appears to be from Champion Sports.  Although there are some complaints about the quality of the pucks (and not being the right shape completely) it’s still the best rated of the lower cost options.  It’s available through my Amazon affiliate link here:

Champion Sports Classic Group Games Shuffleboard Set Indoor Outdoor

I’m actually looking to buy a set for my outdoor shed, probably going to go with this set.  Mine won’t be sliding on concrete though, it will be on Versacourt flooring (which probably will work better than concrete).  I’ll probably have to use some colored tape to make the scoring zone correctly.



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