How much room do you need for a Foosball table?  Foosball tables are one of those irregular game room tables that don’t have a well defined measurement.  Using my Tornado Foosball table though, I can try and give you a good estimate of how much space you’ll need.  When the rods are pushed in to make it as narrow as possible, a Foosball table still takes up 50 inches wide, making it somewhat difficult to transport (see picture below):
Width of a foosball table
The length of a Tornado Foosball table like the one I have is 55 1/2″.  See picture below:
Length of the foosball table
I found this out when I bought one and tried to haul it in my minivan, most minivans are setup to haul 4 x 8 sheets of plywood but the extra width of the Foosball table meant that I had to angle it some to actually get it in the back.  The rods are also constantly sliding back and forth when moving.  I’d recommend shrink wrapping the rods to prevent them from sliding around much.
When it’s finally set up in your game room, at their greatest width the rods will take up 84″ + two people widths = ~108 inches.  The length of the foosball table though stays constant at 4 foot though, which can help in some spaces.  One thing I’d recommend if you’re tight for space, get one that has the ball return right where you serve the ball and not directly underneath the goals.  If it’s underneath the goals, you won’t be able to put it against a wall due to needing to get the ball out.  With the side return, you can compact the space it needs if necessary.
The height of the table is 36.  See picture below:
Height of a Tornado Foosball Table
One thing to note if you have young children, other children like to slam the rods across the table into each other sometimes.  If that’s the case, I would recommend this Foosball table from Garlando through my Amazon affiliate link:
The rods on this one don’t stick out the other side, making it a lot safer for younger children.  It doesn’t really help with the space needed though, since the rods still pull out about the same distance width wise.  It will be narrower to transport though since it’s the long rod with two men near the goal that’s the widest one.
If you want more information regarding Tornado Foosball Tables, check out my guide below:
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