Eventually, if you own your Foosball table long enough, you’re going to have to clean and maintain it.  The playfield gets dirty, the rods don’t spin as well, and the balls start to look dingy.

Cleaning the Foosball playfield

The first part to clean is the playfield.  Usually this is filled with dust and other specks of stuff.  I’d first recommend vacuuming the table to get all of the loose particles sucked up.  Once that’s complete, the next step is use a liquid cleaner.

There are a couple schools of thought on this one, but I recommend just using plain old Windex to clean the playfield.  It cleans pretty good and won’t harm the laminate in any way.  If you have dirt that is particularly ground in and won’t come off, I’d recommend some Novus 2 cleaner to get it out.

Cleaning the Rods

The next part to clean are the Foosball rods.  The rods over time get kind of grimy due to the silicon lube picking up dust and drying out.  The first thing to do is clean the rods with a dry rag or paper towels to get all the dirt off them.  Once that is done, the next part is to apply some silicon lube to the rods.  You can get the lube through my Amazon affiliate here:

Foosjuice Foosball Rod Lubricant

It will make a big difference to those rods if they haven’t been serviced in a while.  In fact I made a video here to show the difference:

Cleaning the Foosball Men

Cleaning the foosball men is pretty easy, just clean them in the same way you cleaned the playfield.  A clean rag plus some Windex will clean them right up.

Cleaning the Foosball Balls

Depending on what kind of balls you have, they may clean slightly differently.  The really hard plastic ones can be cleaned with Windex or Novus 2.  They pick up dirt pretty easily and might take a while to clean.

Official Tornado Balls which are pink or yellow usually clean in a slightly different way.  Most people suggest one of two methods:

  • Washing them in a sack in the washing machine
  • Covering the inside of a coffee can with sandpaper and shaking with the balls inside.

Seems like the first one would be the easiest.  I wouldn’t wash anything with the balls that could either stain the balls or clothes the balls might stain.  After you wash them, you’ll set them out to air dry.


Hopefully this article on how to clean your Foosball table has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I plan on making an additional video that shows more details in the coming weeks.

I also have a Tornado Foosball Buying Guide that might be useful.

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