This question comes up all the time, I’ve got this SUV and will this pinball machine fit into it?  Well luckily, the owners of a lot of these vehicles have pooled their information together onto a wiki page here:

It’s a great resource to figure out whether that game will fit.  If your game isn’t on the list, you might try posting on the pinside forum to see if anyone there might know.  My last pinball hauler was a Toyota Sienna, and you could easily fit two pinball machines in it by taking out the second and third rows.  The first game would go in sideways through the sliding doors (or in through the back and rotated) and then the second game would be rotated.  If the games had removable heads, you could actually fit three pinball machines in the back, which I did twice in it.

Usually the general rule is:

minivans can hold 2, maybe 3 games

large suv’s can hold 1

a small suv can hold 1 if they’re not too short in the back and if the machine isn’t a taller one like Gottlieb system 3

A trailer is a good option if you’ve got a hitch, usually those can hold quite a few.


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