If you’re like me, you’ve been wanting to put player names and numbers forever on your Chexx bubble hockey players.  The problem?  A severe lack of info on how to do it.  Every place you go to, they give vague instructions or have nonexistent links or reference products that aren’t available anymore.  In order to fix that, I’ve done the research myself and figured out how to do it.  Is it perfect?  No, but that’s more because of limitations of my printer than anything else.

Step one, get the materials.  In order to do this, you’re going to need an inkjet printer and to order some decal paper to go through it.  I looked all over for good decal paper before finally finding this stuff here on Amazon through the affiliate link below:

Amazon Decal Paper Link

And here’s a picture of what the package looked like:

Decal paper I used to do the players with

Once I got the glossy vinyl decal paper in, it was time to get the fonts ready to go.  I had to figure out what kind of jersey font I needed, what size, and what color.  I found the perfect font here:


I downloaded that font, and brought it into Microsoft Word 2016.  From there, there’s an outline option, and you can see the different options I tried below:

Chexx bubble hockey jersey names and numbers on the decal paper

Problem is, my printer doesn’t print white, which wouldn’t be an issue except for my players are all wearing away jerseys, lol.  So unfortunately, I had to go with the solid black numbers and letters all around because the other ones just weren’t dark enough.  If I had white jerseys though, they would have been perfect.  Maybe someday I’ll have a printer that can print white and I’ll be able to make them a lot better.

In any case, after I printed my jersey numbers and names based upon the mid 90’s Blackhawks and around the year 2000 Avs, I started cutting them out and installing them.  You’ll want to let the ink dry before installing, and not press too hard or the ink will smudge some (but not too bad).  I took a bunch of pictures below to show the end result.  I’m very happy with the end result, much better than the plain jerseys that were there before.  Hopefully this helps someone else out too.  If this does help, I’d appreciate it if you’d like my Facebook page or at least share it with your friends that might be interested.

I’ve also got a lot more bubble hockey/chexx information in my Bubble Hockey Buying Guide which has a bunch of info on mods, repair, buying, etc.

Forsberg Chexx Player
Chexx rink after decals
Belfour chexx player
Amonte chexx player


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