If you buy a lot of video games, you know that it can add up after a while.  $60 here, $60 there, 10 games at retail price and you’re up to $600 already.  However, there are ways to make it a lot more affordable for you.

Saving Method #1 – Buying Physical Discs over Digital

Buying digital is super convenient and easy, but rarely does it save you money.  For example, say the latest release is $60 and it will take about 10 hours to beat.  If you buy the disc, you can buy it pre-release for $48 through Amazon, play it, then sell it back on eBay for $30 to $40, depending on how long it took you to play it.  That means playing the new game will cost you $8 to $18 roughly.

If you buy it digitally though, new games are rarely discounted.  That means you’re going to be paying $60 for that game with no chance to resell.

After 10 games, you will have spent on average of $13 per physical game and $60 per digital for a total of $130 on physical vs $600 on digital.  That’s a big chunk of change over a year.

Saving Method #2 – Buying pre-release games at Best Buy or Amazon

Games are normally $60 apiece.  However, Best Buy (through the Gamer’s club) or Amazon has new games 20% off ($48).  Good way to save a lot of money.  Amazon only has the discount on pre-release games but Best Buy has it everyday.

Sometimes, this will even stack with the buy 2, get 1 free deal that Best Buy so you can get 3 games for $96, what a steal.

Saving Method #3 – Buying used games off eBay, then selling them back

Older games are usually pretty cheap on eBay.  Everyone has played through them, so buying them is pretty easy on there.  Luckily, it’s just as easy to sell them back on there.  Just buy the games you want, play through them, then sell them back on eBay.  Since the games have already depreciated down to pretty low levels, you can essentially play them for around $5 max if you buy the right auction.

Saving Method #4 – Buying Gaming Cards on sale

There are some games it makes sense to buy digitally like online games you play every day like Overwatch.  For those, I recommend buying a gaming card from a discount site.  If you keep an eye out at slickdeals or other deal sites, you can often get gaming cards for 10 to 20% off, making those digital games a lot cheaper.

Saving Method #5 – Buy Online renewal card for cheap

Xbox Live is normally $59 for a year.  However, if you watch slickdeals, you can get that same year for $40.   Big difference there.

Saving Method #6 – Buy used controllers from Gamestop when on sale

Controllers are expensive.  Gamestop though often runs Buy 2, Get 1 free deals on controllers and other accessories.  Use that to acquire a few extra controllers for your system.  I would say though that you need to be extra careful and test all controllers you buy immediately to make sure that somebody didn’t trade in a bad controller.  I’ve gotten burned by that once or twice, basically the controller appeared to be ok but when used with a game things like stick drift or the d-pad not selecting right would become immediately obvious.

Saving Method #7 – Combine EBates with your purchases

Sometimes games are on sale at certain retailers.  EBates can help you save around 1% to 5% on a game depending on the store, and way more on certain purchases.  My wife uses it to save money at Walmart on groceries every week by ordering online and then doing pickup.  If you’re interested, I’d really appreciate it if you’d do it through my referral link because it would help fund this website (and it costs you nothing):


I think we’ve saved like $50 this year already with it.

Saving Method #8 – Credit Card bonus savings

There are some places which give you an extra 5% back on all purchases if you own their credit card.  I think Target and Amazon are two such places.  My wife has the Target card, and we’ll probably eventually get the Amazon one too.  Where it really comes in handy is when you’re buying a console.  For instance, the Xbox One X is reduced from $500 to $475 with this, a pretty good savings.


Hopefully these will help you save some money on your next video game or console purchase.  If you have any other ideas, please let me know and I’ll update this list and give you credit here for your idea.

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