Fortnite is huge right now.  I play it, my kids play it, people at work play it, it’s everywhere.  I even heard some mom’s talking about, lol, they were ignoring their son’s basketball games and were gossiping about their Fortnite strategies.  In all my life, I’ve never heard a bunch of mom’s talking about video games in a positive manner, so they must be onto something with this game.

Only one problem.  I’m old.  Slow to build, slow to aim, and generally just not that good in 1 on 1 combat.  Wouldn’t matter if I had the best weapon in the game, pretty sure that most players would destroy me instantly.  I play with my kids so they can carry the squad while I just tag along for the most part.

The one thing I can do way better than them?  Bush Camp.  When I originally started playing, I watched the kids playing, and I told them I bet I could get into the top 10.  They were like, it’s not easy, you’ll never do it.  Then I proceeded to slowly bush camp on the edges of the circle till there were like 5 people left, and of course I finally got discovered and died.  But the kids were impressed that I got 5th without ever shooting anyone or even firing a shot.  Here’s my strategy for staying alive in Fortnite:

When you get out of the Bus, go to the farthest corner you can find

Like way out towards the edge.  By the time you land, the circle may have already been formed.  That’s ok.  There won’t be anyone around, just grab all the loot you can as fast as you can and start slowly making your way to the circle.  It will likely be a long ways away.  You don’t have to bush camp at this point unless you see another player.  If you see another player, don’t shoot him, just hide in a bush or behind a tree and wait for him to go away.  Let someone else deal with him, your objective is to stay alive.

If you see someone landing in the same area, steer your glider off and go somewhere else, stay as far away from them as possible.  There’s no point in getting close to them yet.

Fortnite marking the far off spot
Fortnite marking the far off spot
Sailing to the far off spot
Sailing to the far off spot

When you come towards the circle, make sure you’re crouched

Don’t make yourself a big target.  A lot of times I only spot people because they’re running and jumping around like morons.  If they were more discrete I’d never see them.  Slowly come towards the circle but don’t go too far in, find the bush at the farthest edge.  Also don’t make a straight beeline to it, I try and come around the least obvious way.

Fortnite sometimes a hut will work too
Fortnite sometimes a hut will work too

When moving around, stay on the lowest ground as possible

Don’t be running on top of hills and other high elevation points, it just makes you an easy target.  Stay in the gullies and valleys where it’s hard to spot you from a distance.  Running on a hill is a good way to get sniped.  Bushes near cliffs work really well as people can usually only come from a couple directions so you’re able to see every coming.

Whatever you do, stay out of the middle

Don’t go into the middle of the circle.  Stay at the far edges as much as possible.  As soon as you’re in the middle, you’re a target for every person that’s left in the game.  That’s not the goal here, you want every single player to kill each other until there’s just a couple left.  Staying on the outside keeps you as far away from other players as possible.

Sometimes the storm can help

Even though the storm takes off health, if you’ve got medical supplies sometimes it’s not a terrible idea to be a little slow.  That way by the time the new circle is revealed, all the other players are running towards it, leaving you by yourself.

Fortnite almost at the end
Fortnite almost at the end

Sometimes the storm can hurt

Don’t take off right away when the new circle is indicated.  A lot of times there are people who got caught in the storm who will be running up behind you.  Wait a little bit and make sure that there’s nobody there first.  Also, by waiting, you’ll also have less of a chance of running into anyone else on the way.

Not all bushes are created equal

Only some of the bushes are appropriate for camping, don’t try and get by with one where you’re partially exposed.  If you find a good one, people will just walk on by you.  If you they walk right next to you, should you shoot them?  I would say no, UNLESS they have the default skin and act kind of slow (you can tell the good players pretty easily from their building speed).  With the good players, they’ll just throw up a wall before you can finish them, and then you’re hosed.

Fortnite bush camping
Fortnite bush camping

Hopefully all these tips have helped you compete a little more effectively at Fortnite.  Even though you may not be able to beat anyone 1 on 1, if you can let them run out of ammo and get down on health, you’ll have a decent shot at the end.  Good luck!

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