Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re probably in isolation waiting for the current medical issue to pass. A lot of people are pretty active, and having to stay home all the time is a big switch. What is there to do to pass the time? I’ve got a list of both games, skills, etc that might be great for you and your family. I’ve included links below, some are affiliate links which means if you buy something I might get a small percentage. I just wanted to be fully up front with everything, but I really do love the items below and own most of them personally.


Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to play the guitar? With Rocksmith, you can finally learn in a fun way. And it supports two player, so both you and your child/significant other can learn at the same time. My son and I have been playing it together for years, it’s a great time. They have tons of songs available to learn.

Dribble Up Soccer

Stuck inside, your kid loves soccer or isn’t getting any activity, what can you do? Dribble Up came out with the perfect invention for the kid who’s stuck at home and wants to play.

My son got it for Christmas but hasn’t had time to use it since he’s had both basketball and soccer going on at the same time. Now that we’re in isolation though, he’s had a lot of time to start using it and he really likes it. I can see it making a difference too, his skills are getting better and better.

Dribble Up Basketball

Same thing as soccer, only in basketball form. My oldest loves basketball, so when it looked like we were going to be stuck inside for a long time, I ordered this for him.

We signed up for the monthly classes (only 99 cents to start) and I’ve been pretty impressed with them to start. The light show in the background is pretty funny sometimes, it’s like it’s rock concert or something, lol. But the skills are good and I think he’s improving.

Lego Mindstorm

What’s the problem with modern lego sets? They’re expensive and they only build one thing. Well Mindstorm doesn’t fix the expensive part, but it does build whatever you possible imagine. People have built incredible things like the guitar below:

Video games

PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are all great options if you’re stuck at home alone. As far as bang for buck goes, I think the Xbox One is probably the leader currently due to the Xbox Game Pass option for $15 that gets you over 100+ games to play whenever you want. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5, all the Halo’s, Tomb Raider, Forza, etc. All of them are good for games like Fortnite.

If you have a good PC, then downloading steam and buying some games there is also a great option if your computer can handle it.


You want to work out at home? There’s probably no better option than the Peloton bike right now. My wife got one a month ago after wanting one forever, and she absolutely loves it.

It has tons of classes you can do whenever you want plus live classes every day. I like to use it with the tray add on, so I can type and ride at the same time. It’s a great way to combine a couple activities together.

Darts and Ping Pong

Obviously you need a lot of space for most game room items, but darts is something that you don’t need a whole lot of space for. In fact now, with boards like the Gran Board 3, you can even play darts online, which was never possible before. And since a lot of us are currently trapped inside, it’s a good way to pass the time.

Ping Pong would normally seem to be too big for an apartment. However, they now make miniature tables that are perfect for small areas like the Joola. They even make sets that are perfect for your home kitchen table.

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