If any of you have been visiting my website for very long, you’ll notice that recently I put up some ads as an experiment to see if I could make enough to at least pay for the website hosting costs.  I put up a guide to how I made this website along with the earnings so far here:


You’ll get a good laugh at the very least.  Thanks for supporting my site, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue giving you good articles in the future.

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Growing up I was a huge player of arcade, PC, and console games. Now that I'm older, I've gravitated towards pinball, bubble hockey, online video games, and more. I built this website to try and help out the new person to different aspects of the game room, including options he may not have even considered. Hopefully you find it helpful, and if there's anything you need don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for visiting my website, I appreciate your support!


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