When I first built my game room, I used a ton of can lighting.  I think in the 1400 sq ft I finished, I had almost 50 can lights.  That produced great lighting effects, but it had two particularly bad side effects, heat and cost of running the lights.

As a result, any time I’d have people over for a party, my basement would inevitably heat up higher and higher due to the lights.  I tried CFL’s, but those burned out rapidly (although they were supposed to last a long time).  Plus they were more expensive without much benefit.

Finally technology saved me last year, with LED lights finally becoming affordable enough to put into my basement.  I ordered a bunch from Amazon and started replacing the existing bulbs.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  Low heat, instant on, better lighting, etc.  No disadvantages at all other than the initial cost.

LED bulb in a spotlight can
LED bulb in the off state, looks a little different than your standard bulb

After the game room experiment, we replaced all of our lights with LED’s.  Never changing a bulb for 20 years is pretty appealing besides all the other advantages.

Here’s a link to some of the bulbs I ordered:




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