Second day with a post, sure I won’t keep up that pace. ¬†ūüôā ¬†In any case, I thought that I touch on something every basement or game room needs, furniture. ¬†And in this case, home theater recliners are the subject. ¬†At stores, a row of three chairs is usually going to cost $1500 to $2000, depending on the brand. ¬†Those same chairs though can be picked up used for like 1/3 of the price off craigslist. ¬†Unlike other furniture people have that they sell, home theater chairs are often in stellar shape, as people often buy them and then never use them (kind of like workout equipment). ¬†As far as what I’d buy, you’re going to have to see what’s available first, often you don’t have much choice. ¬†If you’re lucky, one with the right color and configuration will be available.

If you haven’t sat in very many home theater chairs, there are a couple things to keep in mind. ¬†First, if you’re tall, the back may not support your head or feet very well. ¬†Some models are also pretty narrow, so they’re not very comfortable for some adults. ¬†My favorite chairs are the Berkline 90’s that they used to make before they went out of business. ¬†Lane tried to duplicate the model later but it didn’t really turn out right unfortunately, the originals were far superior (I had both at the same time, and the Berklines were way more comfortable).

Last thing to take note of is there are a lot of really cheap chairs out there, some of which aren’t the greatest. ¬†Might also be hard to find parts for some brands (although what are the chances that a chair will break). ¬†I would try stick with names you’re familiar with unless you come across some really great deal.

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