If you’re looking for a dart board wall or cabinet, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t a lot of good options, especially if you’re looking for something for a larger dart board.  Almost all the available options out there are made for smaller dart boards (less than 20 inch diameter) and almost none of them work for larger electronic dart boards.

I bought a Gran Board 2 Dart Board and it’s 22 inches across.  At that diameter, it didn’t fit into any standard cabinet I looked at.  Most of the cabinets were like this one at my Amazon affiliate link:

NFL Dart Cabinet at Amazon

Basically, too narrow on the inside to fit the dart board.  And if they were wide and long enough, often they weren’t deep enough for something like the Gran Board 2.

I finally got fed up with this and decided to make my own.  I knew that I needed to make it fairly large as I’ve seen how terrible a lot of people are at hitting the board, you usually need about a foot around the board to protect the walls.  Any less than that and you’ll end up with wall marks from time to time.

I decided to make mine 4 foot by 4 foot.  Since my dart board was 22 inches across, this would give me a little over a foot on all sides of the board to protect the walls, plus provide a nice aesthetic.  4 foot also provide a nice round number for cutting boards that normally come in 4′ and 8′ lengths, I figured that I could either cut 8′ boards or assemble 4′ boards with minimal effort and cutting.

I searched online for reclaimed wood, hoping to figure out some way to assemble the thing.  Lowes didn’t seem to have anything when I searched.  Home Depot though had exactly what I was looking for, a box of artificially created reclaimed wood for $25 a box (around 10 square feet).  I’ve linked the product below:

Weathered wood at Home Depot

I also bought an 8′ board of reclaimed wood that I used to make the cross pieces on the back.  Looking back at it, I probably could have used the same 4′ pieces from the box I linked above instead of buying a separate piece.  Probably the only advantage of the 8′ board is that it was a lot thicker than the other boards so my 1″ nails didn’t go all the way through both boards.

Once I had the wood, I went home to assemble it.  I was basically these steps:

  1. Cut the 8′ board to 47″ pieces (they have to be slightly shorter than 4′)
  2. Assemble the 4′ boards on top of the 47″ pieces to form a wall
  3. Nail the 4′ boards to the 47″ pieces to complete the wall
assembling the reclaimed wood dart board backing
assembling the reclaimed wood dart board backing
horizontal reclaimed wood wall
horizontal reclaimed wood wall

That’s it.  I included a picture of what it looks like horizontally just in case someone was thinking about doing it that way.  I have a video below that shows more:

Once the wall was assembled, it was time to go install it in my Game Room.  This is probably the hardest part of this whole deal, since you have to try and get the dart board at the right height (and you’ll want the dart board to be centered on the wall, so there’s a lot of factors in play).

installing the dart board on the wall
installing the dart board on the wall

I first put a screw in a stud to hang the dart board wall on.  This allowed me to correctly situate the wall (on the wall, lol).  Once I had it level and in the right spot, I screwed both the top and bottom into the stud in the middle.  I thought two screws (plus the one it was resting on) would be enough for my particular setup since I used very long screws, however you may need more depending on your situation.

I have a video of the final installation.

Actually after I made this video, I installed a bottom shelf with one of the 4′ pieces.  I simply just screwed it into the bottom of the dart board wall.  I can now put all the darts and other things on that ledge while playing.  Here’s a picture of it:

reclaimed wood dart board wall final
reclaimed wood dart board wall final

The dart board I have in this video is the Gran Board 2.  I highly recommend it as it connects to your phone or tablet and then uses that as a scoreboard.  Much better than any other dart board I’ve ever played plus it offers online play and a ton of other games that aren’t available normally.  You can buy it from Amazon through my affiliate link here:

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dart Board

Hopefully this will help you in your quest to find a nice dart board backing.  The options are pretty lacking commercially but this is a good way to do it at minimal effort and cost.  If you have any questions post a comment or email me.


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