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Nebraska Cornhusker Pub Table

Nebraska Cornhusker Pub Table
Nebraska Cornhusker Pub Table

I got this Nebraska Cornhusker Pub table a while back.  I was running into an issue where people playing ping pong or watching TV needed a table for their drink or a place to sit, and this was the best answer:


Obviously I got a Cornhusker one but there are ones for all the major NCAA teams.

Nebraska Cornhusker Bottlecap Sign

Nebraska Cornhusker Bottlecap Sign
Nebraska Cornhusker Bottlecap Sign

Hope you like Nebraska stuff, because here’s another one, lol.  I got this a while back.  Some stores carry it but it’s probably easiest to order it off Amazon affiliate link here:

All the other teams are available as well, but obviously being a Cornhusker fan I gravitate towards them.  Of course, being a Cornhusker fan has been a little bit harder lately after the beatdown we got from Ohio State.

Upgrading your Super CHEXX Bubble Hockey Lighting


The original bulb that came in the original CHEXX game and the Super CHEXX game had one major issue—it produced a large amount of heat, that could cause plastic warping or other heat related issues.  The cover of my bubble hockey light was warped from heat.  If you read below, I’ll go through the steps you need to upgrade your bubble hockey lighting.

I had seen some suggestions in online forums to try doing some LED lighting in the game instead, now that LED’s were more affordable.  Some people had used LED strips (which seemed a little hacky although effective) and others had used LED bulbs, almost all of which were no longer available since the posts were older.

I decided to go and try and figure out some good bulbs on my own, keeping in mind the wattage for the original bulb to make sure that I didn’t overdraw the circuit.  The bulbs I found were these:

new led bulbs from amazon

I ordered the bulbs from Amazon through this affliate link:

Amazon LED bulb link

To install the bulbs, I had lift up the dome so I could see the underside of the scoreboard.  From there, you can see the four screws that need to be unscrewed to access the bulbs.

bubble hockey underneath scoreboard

After removing the screws, inserting the bulbs is pretty easy.  Here is a picture after they are already installed. 

led bulbs installed in bubble hockey

This is what the old bulbs look like (1156 bulbs):

old bubble hockey 1156 bulbs

It ended working great.  Here’s the before picture:

bubble hockey old lamp

And here’s the after picture:

bubble hockey after LED picture

If you look at the pictures, the biggest difference is in how much light is out by the edges of the playfield, the center is largely the same.  Obviously the biggest advantage is one you can’t even see, the amount of heat being way less than before. 

If you have other bubble hockey questions, check out my guide here:

Bubble Hockey Guide

Or look for other bubble hockey articles I’ll be posting in the coming months.

Buying a Universal Remote for your Home Theater

Logitech Harmony 650 remote
Logitech Harmony 650 remote

One of the challenges of constructing a home theater is controlling everything that’s in that home theater. Enter the Logitech Harmony 650 remote:

Logitech Harmony 650 remote
Logitech Harmony 650 remote


I bought this quite a while ago, but there should be newer models of the same remote, and the concept is still the same, which is being able to control everything in your home theater. In a typical home theater, you’ll need to control:

  • projector or tv
  • receiver or sound bar
  • blu ray player
  • lights

These can all be controlled by the Harmony or some other universal remote, if you so desire.  The screen makes it really easy to navigate those items, which is one of the downfalls of a lot of other universal remotes.  One other thing that it does that a lot of universal remotes don’t is store its settings through power cycles.

I would recommend a universal remote if:

  • you don’t like lots of remotes around
  • you don’t mind not having access to some fringe functions

I would not recommend it if:

  • you have a lot of equipment from specialized brands
  • you value speed over organization

A universal remote is almost always slower than a regular remote.  For my home theater, I use the universal remote for the lights but still use the other remotes most of the time.  The normal light remotes didn’t store the presets I wanted correctly but the Harmony did.

Hopefully this rundown helps.

Turning on the Blinders, Tommy Pinball Machine


A lot of people don’t know this, but there’s a way you can turn on the blinders to be on for the entire game.  I made a short video to show this below:

It comes in really handy when playing against your friends, kind of a nice changeup from the usual playing.