If you read a post of mine from a couple days ago involving the Epson 5040ub and the Xbox One X issues, I was really debating on whether to even keep my Xbox One X or take it back to Best Buy for a refund.  I was eventually persuaded to keep it after listening to a podcast where they talked about how smooth some of the games were now and how much faster they loaded.  I made a video of my unboxing in the title and then my Xbox One X first impressions and setup below.

The first game I loaded up was Pillars of Eternity.  I know, not the first title you think of when you think cutting edge, but I’ve been playing it a ton over the past month or so and I wanted to see how much smoother it would play with the extra horsepower.  It was definitely a lot smoother than it was previously and it seemed to load faster as well, but that second part could just be in my head.  The smoothness you could see when you turned on fast walking mode, instead of being a jerky motion the characters were a lot smoother overall.

NBA2k18 was next.  It required a 5 gig patch for the Xbox One X, which isn’t very big compared to some of the others I’ve seen.  Playing the game, it definitely loaded faster it seemed and was smoother on the court, but not a huge difference overall.  I don’t think this would be a game you’d buy this exclusively for unfortunately, but maybe I need to do some more A/B testing.

Most of the other games I have don’t take advantage of the Xbox One X 4k enhancement and power unfortunately.  I have Forza Horizon 3 but it isn’t supposed to have the enhancements done until January at the earliest, so can’t really use that as a gauge.  Next week on the Black Friday sales though I’m planning on picking up:

  • South Park The Fractured But Whole
  • Shadow of War
  • Call of Duty WWII
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins

I think all of them except South Park take advantage of the extra One X processing power so hopefully I’ll have some more video to post showing the differences between the two.  I’m really looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Origins, it looks like they’ve really done a nice job with it.  With those games I’ll have quite a bit of 4k content to check out and compare.

One of the things not mentioned that much is that Dolby Atmos is supported on the Xbox One X (and I believe S) now but not the original Xbox One.  I have a Denon X4300H I bought this spring that supports Atmos and an Axiom Speaker setup that I bought a few years ago.  In order to get that working with the Xbox One X, you have to download the Dolby app and then select the newly enabled Atmos sound setting.  The app is a pretty small download and doesn’t take much time at all to setup, maybe like 5 minutes tops.  It comes with some cool demos as well.

The best demo I’ve ran so far on what the Xbox One X can do is the Insects demo from Microsoft which shows off 4k, HDR, and Atmos.  Some of it appears to a little over the top, like some 1080p/4k stuff where things suddenly become crystal clear in 4k (when it didn’t appear like there should be a reason for the 1080p display to be as blurry as it was).  So while it was cool, I’m not sure if it was 100% believable.  Made a video toggling between 4k and 1080p below, hopefully it will show you the differences between 1080p and 4k as far as details goes.

One thing I should mention is that initial I did have some connection issues with my Denon X4300H, the Xbox One X, and my workout TV being driven off output port 2 on the Denon.  I don’t know if something in the HDMI chain was causing issues but initially I couldn’t get a picture on the workout TV.  Today though it’s working fine, so hopefully it was just a one time deal.  Just wanted to mention it just in case someone else is doing a similar setup and runs into connectivity issues.  Ironically my original Xbox One worked fine that whole time yesterday when I was having Xbox One X issues.

Here are some still pictures showing the differences between 4k and 1080p:

Xbox One X Insects 4k disabled
Xbox One X Insects 4k disabled
Xbox One X Insects Demo 4k Enabled
Xbox One X Insects 4k enabled

Probably a lot harder to see on a smaller screen, but especially around the eyes you can notice the difference in detail.

If you decide that you want an Xbox One X, you can always order it through my affiliate link here:

Xbox One X from Amazon

As of this writing they were temporarily sold out but I think stock has been showing up randomly, you’ll have to check a few times before you’ll actually find one to order I’m guessing.  I’ll update my Xbox One X first impressions here in the next couple days with some additional games hopefully.


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