If you’ve been looking for ‘bang for your buck’ big screen TV’s lately you’ve noticed that the big screen 65″ TV’s from LG are an outstanding value.  I recently bought one of these LG UJ6200 TV’s (although it says UJ62 on the box, and the official model number is 65UJ6200) on sale at Microcenter, although it’s available at a bunch of retailers right now like Best Buy and Walmart.  It comes in various sizes like 49″, 55″, and 65″.  You can check the price at Amazon through my affiliate link below:

UJ6200 TV at Amazon

And here is a picture of the TV box:

LG UJ6200 TV in box
LG UJ6200 TV in box

Unboxing and Setup

When you first open the box, the first thing you notice is how light the TV is.  You expect a TV that large to be pretty heavy but honestly it was pretty easy to lift with a second person.  Out of the box it comes with the stand, remote, and manual, pretty standard for most TV’s.  What was a little different than most TV’s I’ve bought though is, it came with the mounting screws for hanging on a mount, which is really nice.  Too many times I’ve bought a flat screen only to have to go to the hardware store to get wall mount screws for the odd size it has on the back.

Once I got it unboxed, it was time to hang it on the wall.  That process was pretty easy, I had an older monoprice mount that I’d used to hang my previous 50″ Insignia TV with that worked perfectly with the UJ6200.  Cords though were a little tougher.  Since only two of the three HDMI inputs are on the side, the last one on the back is pretty tricky to hook up.  Once I got that hooked up though, everything worked great.  For that last HDMI port, I would recommend getting an HDMI right angle adapter through Amazon Affiliate like this:

HDMI right angle adapter from Amazon

I used something just like this on mine, it would have been impossible for me to use that back port without it (the cable would have hit the back wall).  If you’re not wall mounting, you shouldn’t need it.  With a wall mount though, I don’t know how you’d use that port without it.

LG 65UJ6200 in action

The next question is, how does it look in action?  In my eyes, superb.  If you’re an AV nut you’re probably going with an OLED TV or some other really expensive TV, but in my opinion you’re better off waiting until that cost goes down and instead getting a TV like this for 1/3 of the price.  Two of the biggest features of TV’s today are 4k and HDR.

4k simply refers to the resolution of the TV, in this case it refers to the number of horizontal pixels on the screen.  I’m not sure why they moved from counting the horizontal lines (1080p) to pixels, I think it was mainly just a marketing thing.  HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is basically a new standard for increased color range.  Depending on the source material, it can either be awesome or underwhelming.  4k is kind of the same way, depending on how far away you sit from the TV and what your source material is, it can either look fantastic or unnoticeable.

Unlike my Epson 5040ub projector, the LG UJ6200 checks all the marks on the Xbox One X TV information screen (show below).  It supports all the latest high tech modes you’d need.  Basically proves you don’t have to spend $2000 to get all the latest bells and whistles.

LG UJ6200 TV Xbox One X settings
LG UJ6200 TV Xbox One X settings


First things I’ve got below are screenshots of the insects demo on the Xbox One X.  The first screenshot shows the UJ6200 with 4k and HDR turned off.  The second one shows the TV with 4k turned on but HDR turned off.  The third one shows 4k turned off and HDR turned on.  The fourth one shows 4k and HDR turned on together.

Screenshot #1, 4k and HDR off:

LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k and HD
LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k and HD

Screenshot #2, 4k on and HDR off:

LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k On and HDR Off
LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k On and HDR Off

Screenshot #3, 4k off and HDR on:

LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k off and HDR On
LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k off and HDR On

Screenshot #4, 4k on and HDR on:

LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k and HDR On
LG 65UJ6200 TV 4k and HDR On

I also did a video which shows everything above, it makes it a little easier to see.


The default sound on the TV isn’t great though, you’ll probably want to add a sound bar to help with volume and bass.  The TV does feature HDMI through ARC, which means that if you hook up a sound bar via HDMI on port #2 you can use the volume control on your TV remote to control the volume to the sound bar.  This aspect is very important for usability.  I ended up buying this sound bar which can be controlled with the volume from the TV remote and auto turns on when the TV turns on.  Amazon affiliate link is below:

Samsung Sound bar at Amazon

I’m very happy with the sound bar and would recommend that anyone buying a TV today invest in one.  Speakers today in TV’s just can’t output the sound they need to in the space they’re allocated.  This Samsung is nice in the fact that you can add wireless rear speakers onto it later if desired.  I’ve actually done just that and will be reporting on the results here pretty soon.

Included on the TV is WEBOS 3.5, which basically allows you to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services.  The apps work really well on the TV, it’s now the third TV I own that has had LG WEBOS on it and it has worked really well for me in the past.  The only drawback is that it’s not as supported as something like Roku, so things like NBA League pass can’t stream through it.  That’s a pretty fringe case though, and most things will work really well.

Differences between UJ6200 and UJ6300?

There is almost no difference between the UJ6200 and the UJ6300, the only visible difference is that the backs are slightly different.  Feature wise they are identical.  This has caused a lot of confusion among consumers I think because usually higher model numbers specify added features but not in this case.


Hopefully this review has helped out.  There usually aren’t many reviews when the TV’s are this new, so knowing that it supports the Xbox One X fully should help some of you out.  The LG 65UJ6200 is an outstanding value for the price in my opinion.  If you’re looking for a 4k Blu Ray player to go with it, I would suggest either the Xbox One S or the Sony UBP-X800, which is considered best overall value currently in that space.  I’ve linked to them below in case you’re interested.

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